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The influence of the habit of working at night in the process of losing weight

The contents

  • How to reduce the impact of harmful habits is during a work night?
  • Habits of cheerfulness: what to do if you sleepy?
  • Features of supply after a night of hectic activity
  • Physical exercise as a useful habit for getting rid of night stress

Habit to work at night, reinforcing its efficiency with sandwiches and cakes, are not useful. Night rush jobs not only adversely affect the nervous and cardiovascular systems, but it could lead to the appearance of extra pounds.

How to reduce the impact of harmful habits is during a work night?

In life there are situations when you have to work nights to make reports, write articles or abstracts. Some explain this need that the day is not enough time or just inspiration. And sometimes it happens several days to go to bed in the morning, preparing for an exam or an important presentation. Such habits threaten trouble for health. Everyone who works at night, sacrificing a full bed, the risk of extra weight gain. And this phenomenon can be explained.

Working night, you always want something to chew on. It is quite natural, because the night Abraham — a great deal of stress for the human body, and delicious food — a great sedative. Especially if it is oily or sweet. What to do in this case?

  • Calm your nerves with something besides food.

For example, turn on soft music or put on your knees purring cat.

  • It is advisable to prepare for the upcoming sleepless night, namely: to ensure that the house was not anything fat and sweet, and instead stock up on carrots, apples or other fruits and vegetables.

Healthy habits there are some products will not harm the figure.

  • Drink unsweetened green tea and juice, replacing them nutritious meals.
  • The body “wants sweets.”

Such a desire there is a scientific explanation for the normal activities of the brain need glucose. But this need can be satisfied with one Cup of tea with added sugar. And bad habits to absorb the night candy cakes are all essentially the same desire to calm down. What to do in this case?

If there is a feeling that the brain can no longer cope with the work, you can support it with a Cup of tea with sugar. Will also help the use of sweet fruits — raisins, dates, grapes. In some cases, you can afford low-fat sweets like marshmallows or marshmallow, but as is the case with fruits and with desserts it is important to respect a sense of proportion.


To find a cure

Habits of cheerfulness: what to do if you sleepy?

When performing work at night awake. This is not surprising because at night people have to sleep. But you need to work, so each seeks his own way of dealing with drowsiness. In this case, we all have different habits: some people drink coffee, others energy, and others are constantly chewing. How can you cheer up, will not harm the body and figure?

In addition to coffee and energy drinks ability to cheer up and have some vitamins. Need to find a suitable vitamin complex with invigorating effect. Just before applying, be sure to consult a doctor. The specialist will define, what vitamins and in what dosage you need to take to avoid overdose of high blood pressure and other side effects.

Another option is the use of adaptogens, which include tinctures ginseng, Eleutherococcus, Rhodiola rosea, and other plants that have an invigorating effect. The action of adaptogens have similarities with caffeine, but some of them also help to improve brain activities. Therefore, they are able to not only chase a dream but to help to do the job faster and better. How to choose the right tool? This again should help the doctor, because the habit of self-medication can lead to undesirable results.

Features of supply after a night of hectic activity

After the work comes time the long-awaited vacation, during which again affected by the impact of habit to throw products primarily in order to finally get rid of the night’s stress. In addition, overwork, caffeine, energy and adaptogens provoke the release of certain hormones, including adrenaline, contributing to the process of burning excess fat. It is for this reason that in congestion the body has to spend its reserves, to ensure the livelihoods of working for the wear systems. And when hard work ends, it again requires to fill them. If you do not follow the fine line of balance is lost and replaced batteries, there is a risk of weight gain. Therefore, we must cultivate the useful habit — 2-3 days after a night of Abraham conducted on a reduced-calorie diet, that is, to limit consumption of sweets, flour products, oily and fried foods. If it is very difficult to do without treats allowed in the first half of the day to indulge in a piece of marshmallow, marmalade, or marshmallow. Over the day these calories will have time to burn and all that will be eaten after six in the evening, I will go to the restoration of lost supplies.

Physical exercise as a useful habit for getting rid of night stress

It is believed that after intense mental labor should abandon the habit of exercise. Session at the Institute, quarterly report and other urgent matters for some, be an excuse to abandon a workout in the gym or morning exercise. And if in the period of Abraham at all that doesn’t really have the time, a few days after this statement, if exercise no strength is a simple excuse. Of course, after a hard night of work need to get some sleep. But upon waking, it is advisable to remember your good habits and make at least a couple of exercise habits for a healthy lifestyle will help the body to get rid of the night’s stress. Maybe in the near future an intense workout will do, but a walk in the Park, swim in the pool or attend yoga classes would be very helpful. This will restore the nervous system, normalizes hormone levels and slow down the process of fat accumulation.

The emergence of excess weight is not the most unpleasant consequences of night bodrstvovanie. Much worse is the fact that sleepless nights can lead to diseases of the nervous system and heart. So when you still have to work the night, use these simple tips and think about how in the future to avoid such habits, to give yourself such a useful full night’s sleep?


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