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The interval technique in exercise program for weight loss
The contents

  • Features and use fitness interval technique
  • Programs interval training to reduce excess weight
  • Recommendations for exercise in interval technique

Interval workout is extremely effective in the struggle with excess weight, and helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system and the entire breathing apparatus. According to this technique exercises with the cardio is performed by alternating periods of high intensity workload and work intervals at a moderate pace. Women who want to lose weight should be sure to use interval training to speed up the achievement of a positive result.

Features and use fitness interval technique

As mentioned above, the main feature of interval fitness is a specific organization of work which allows you to easily withstand high intensity load. For example, to run with the highest speed for 10-15 minutes under force far not to everyone (even quite experienced fitness women). And by alternating intervals with different intensity load for half an hour, you can perform this task, almost no feeling of fatigue because the period of work in a comfortable pace, you receive the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate.

Training done in an interval technique, in addition to lower excess weight, can have such beneficial effects on the body:

  • strengthens the heart muscle and blood vessels, and the functionality of the entire cardiovascular system is improved;
  • develops breathing apparatus due to the expansion of the alveoli;
  • the speed of metabolic processes reaches the maximum, whereby the body expends a lot of calories after fitness classes;
  • the musculature of the whole body comes to tone.

Programs interval training to reduce excess weight

The TABATA Protocol is one of the most popular and effective schemes of carrying out of interval fitness. Using this technique allows for 4 minutes to achieve about the same effect as 45 minutes of running. Scheme of the Protocol TABATA is 8 sets with a duration of 20 seconds each. After each set followed by 10 seconds of rest. For 20 seconds active loads can be performed, for example, such exercises:

  • pushups or elevated position;
  • squats or lunges with extra weight or without it;
  • jumping with breeding of feet or a high instep thighs;
  • various twisting for the study of the press;
  • the pull-UPS.

Number of exercise movements and their complexity may vary depending on the initial level of physical training. To reduce excess weight when doing the TABATA Protocol was productive and safe, it is necessary to constantly monitor the pulse. During maximum load it can reach 85% of individual maximum calculated by the formula “220 minus age”, and in the rest period, this figure should be reduced to 40-60%.

The ellipsoid is one of the most effective cardio to reduce excess weight. Assuming that training is performed, using it in interval techniques, the positive weight-loss results become apparent after a few weeks. Fitness classes, including work on the elliptical trainer, can take place according to this scheme:

  • warm up for 10 minutes;
  • brief work in a comfortable pace;
  • 2-3 minutes of high-intensity loads, which are replaced 4 minute walk at a moderate pace. Alternate these intervals should be within 20-30 seconds;
  • hitch-based exercises for stretching.

For variety, you can use a different work plan for the ellipsoid, assuming after a workout alternating one minute of Jogging on the elliptical with three minutes of moderate work on it. Total training duration is 20 minutes. Regardless of the work plan to complete each exercise need stretching exercises. By analogy with training on the elliptical, you can work in interval and technique on the bike.

Fartlek training combines three types of loads, alternating for 20-40 minutes:

  • the walk duration is 30 seconds;
  • Jogging for 3 minutes;
  • 30-second sprint.

Interval session in the gym, stimulating the decrease in excess weight, can be carried out according to the following scheme:

  • Jogging on the track (5 minutes);
  • squats with weights (20 times);
  • running on the treadmill (3 minutes);
  • pushups (20 reps);
  • work on the treadmill (5 minutes);
  • execution of crunches (20 repetitions);
  • a run with alternating speeds (4 minutes);
  • pushups in the gravitron (20 times);
  • running (5 minutes);
  • a set of stretching exercises.

For interval training, carried out at home, you can use the following types of loads:

  • the TABATA Protocol;
  • jumping rope;
  • Jogging;
  • walking up the stairs;
  • work on a stationary bike or elliptical, if it is possible to use them at home.

Recommendations for exercise in interval technique

Since interval training provides an intense strain on the body, then the holding of fitness classes in this technique it is necessary to observe precautionary measures, actively applying the following recommendations:

  • before using interval techniques need to consult with your doctor and make sure there are no diseases that can become an obstacle to the lessons with high-intensity physical activity;
  • to implement the technique in the conventional interval training should only practice the skill of proper exercise within the training program;
  • begin interval training after several months of standard exercise, aimed at increasing the level of training;
  • we recommend purchasing a heart rate monitor to easily track your heart rate without heart rate measurement, and focusing on technique exercises;
  • the initial duration of interval training should not exceed 20 minutes. Gradually the duration of the work interval technique should be increased;
  • when the scheme of alternating intervals should be guided by individual characteristics and preferences, as well as the initial level of training of the body;
  • every workout should begin by warm up and complete stretching exercises.

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