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I continue to give the most interesting “instant offers”. Sometimes stocks appear several days in a row, sometimes appear only once. Instant offer now: Marula oil Acure, The Essentials Marula Oil

Instant deals are always limited in time and quantity.

Often they end in less than 1 hour! So we have to act quickly, basket iHerb should already be ready. Discount this action is often visible only at checkout, not in cart. Best I post to the blog.

Instant offer now: Marula oil Acure, The Essentials Marula Oil

I love oils, vegetable and essential, oils associated a big part of my life and therefore can’t miss this offer! The oils I always have something to say and add =)

Marula oil

Many brands have released Marula oil in tiny bottles, emphasizing its jewel. The cost of the oil in a luxurious bottle comes to $50 just. Marula oil – African exotic, intense hot sun, bright colors and unusual fruit.

From the kernels of the Marula squeeze the valuable oil, which is considered the richest in antioxidant composition among known oils. He is also considered the most stable oils in the world slows aging of the skin and protects from free radical damage.

And the Marula oil is very light, it is a wonderful moisturizer. The oil creates a thin protective film on the surface of the skin, retains moisture and lets you breathe. Makes the skin smooth and silky. Marula oil also promotes growth and Shine of hair, caring for curly hair.

In West Africa the oil is traditionally heals burns, wounds, irritation and redness of the skin. The oil has a long shelf life and very stable.

The Marula oil. Reviews

I gathered feedback about the oil from your forum who are already active. Perhaps one of the former participants and know their lines about this wonderful oil =)

Reviews of Marula oil:

– To me this oil is very like summer, pure oil even absorbed very quickly. This is one of my favorite oils.

– I have this oil, love it, no smell. It absorbs quickly, has a moisturizing effect, super for summer. Did the morning mix this oil with other exotic oils, super, love it!

I love the soft touch! Feeling the silky softness, the complete lack of dryness, even on the lips. I have used the Marula in creams, lotions. For masks I prefer simpler jewelry. Oil is super in terms of improvement of the skin.

– Marula oil in winter, the night care to use, for hair, there are Dior night cream with Marula oil.

– I also now tasted the Marula. Paint and clean for the day and evening. Indeed the skin looks rested, smooth, supple and radiant youth, without Dior.

The pores completely (mine is almost the main criterion for the test), easy and nutritious at the same time. My winter was perfect, but frost is not.

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