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The power of the French: why the French are slim
The contents

  • Health, harmony and little disease — why?
  • Food: what to eat in France
    • The most famous dishes and products
  • Red wine: good for the metabolism and prevention
    • A study of the causes
    • Attitude towards life and food

Parisian slim. On the streets, in the Paris metro and the transportation is very full of people. The French love to sit at an outdoor cafe with a Cup of coffee and slice of cake. And they relatively rarely suffer heart disease. What’s the matter? Maybe the secret is their diet? Or is there some “rooster word”?

Health, harmony and little disease — why?

Today one of the main causes of mortality are diseases of the cardiovascular system and cancer. The cause of heart diseases is often atherosclerosis, i.e., deposition of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels. These plaques narrow the vessel lumen, due to this increased blood pressure and increases the load on the heart.

If the doctor tests the patient’s blood sees an increased content of cholesterol he prescribes drugs. At the same time he recommends to change the food, first and foremost, to significantly limit the amount of animal fat (or completely abandon them). This applies to butter, lard, fatty meats, dairy products with high fat content, etc.

But there is one paradox. In Europe there is a nation in the diet which contains animal fats and many foods that increase cholesterol. It’s cheese, pâté, meat broth, eggs, cakes, mayonnaise, etc. However, despite this diet, among representatives of this nation, compared to other, relatively low percentage of people with heart disease. This nation — the French.

Food: what to eat in France

First see what is the famous French cuisine. Here is a very important food product is cheese. There are more than 200 varieties of this product. Purely French invention is a strong clear meat broth (consomme). It is served in cups with small cakes or croutons. Also on its basis, prepare a variety of soups. Even in this country eat frogs ‘ legs. But it’s not an everyday dish, and an expensive delicacy, it is served not in all restaurants. They say that the taste of these feet resemble the tender chicken meat.

And of course, a special pride of the country is wine. First and foremost, it’s Burgundy, Bordeaux, cognac. Also widely known for Beaujolais Nouveau and French champagne. All these wines are very popular all over the world.

But fast food they do not favor. So it is very far from the attitude of the French food. They do not perceive a quick snack with plastic plates and glasses. They recognize only a long, leisurely meal nicely served at the table.

The most famous dishes and products

The products of daily consumption in this country are cheese. The most famous of them: Roquefort, Camembert, brie. Also, the French can not imagine everyday menu without fresh baguettes and croissants.

A French chef invented the sauce recipes mayonnaise, Bechamel, remoulade, hollandaise sauce, they have been used in many countries around the world. It may surprise you, but eggs are also a French invention. And of course the famous onion soup. They eat the truffles are not candy, and the mushrooms growing under the ground. They are hard to get, so they are a delicacy and expensive.

The people of this country are big foodies. So they flavor the food with spices: tarragon, rosemary, thyme, herbs de Provence.

And French desserts! This ice cream creme brulee, cakes, Eclair, meringue, cream puffs, Petit fours, macaron. And of course, candy.

Red wine: good for the metabolism and prevention

Surprisingly, the people of this country have a relatively low level of cardiovascular and oncological diseases. Moreover, most of them have normal weight, there are few fat people. But their diet is high calorie, it contains a lot of animal fats. French cuisine traditionally contains a lot of recipes of dishes prepared with lots of eggs, cream, cheese, butter.

If you compare their food with people from other countries, according to statistics, the French eat in a day just over 100 g of animal fat, and US residents, only 70 g. Also they eat more butter, cheese and pork than in America.

At the same time, the Americans, the death rate from heart disease is 1.5 times higher than in France, the number of cancer in them is also much higher. What’s the matter?

Of course, scientists could not pass by this phenomenon. They called it the “French paradox” and began to research it. The conclusion to which they came? It turns out that the reason is in the French dry red wines.

A study of the causes

From 1778 to 1991, the researchers studied the relationship of health status of the French with the use of natural red wine. By results of researches it turned out that among those who drank 1-2 glasses of natural red wine per day, the number of cardiovascular diseases was significantly lower than in those who consumed more or less of this drink. Their life expectancy was also higher. This phenomenon became known as the “French paradox”.

Scientists believe that this paradox is due to the fact, red dry wine contains resveratrol and other polyphenols. They have a beneficial effect on the metabolism and activity of the cardiovascular system. But only when use of small doses, the maximum of 1-2 glasses of wine per day (as mentioned above).

The amazing thing is that in the neighbouring countries — Italy and Spain — which also produced red wine, such phenomena are observed. The health of Italians and Spaniards are close to average rates.

Perhaps the reason is that there are special varieties of grapes grown exclusively in France. They possess rare qualities, so the wine produced from these grapes has a unique quality and is the prevention of heart disease and cancer. It is possible that these grapes has a special effect on the metabolism. In any case, this paradox is still not fully understood.

Attitude towards life and food

Along with the items listed above, the people of France eat a lot of fish, seafood, olive oil, fruits, vegetables etc. But, it seems, there is another aspect. Very important is their attitude to food, food culture. According to researchers, it also has a positive effect on their health.

The French attach great importance to food, and in General, life’s pleasures. They are big foodies, so for them a very important ritual of eating. As has been said, snack on the run, but still standing, while talking on the phone or buried in a newspaper — it’s not about them. They are not too lazy in the morning before Breakfast to go to the nearest bakery to buy the freshest, just-baked croissants and eat them at home, drinking coffee with cream. It’s in the order of things.

The people of this country treat food as pleasure. They relish it, savoring every bite. They are not complex about it, because eating them is never associated with negative feelings or stress. While eating they are relaxed and set to pleasant emotions. Psychologists believe that food culture has a positive effect on their health.

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