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Authors: Liz Alshuler (Lise Alschuler), a certified specialist in the field of naturopathy, and Carolyn A. Gazella (Karolyn A. Gazella)

In scientific terminology is known as paraben alkylhydroxybenzenes. Parabens are widely used as inexpensive preservatives that increase the shelf life of products. They come in a wide range of tools for body care and cosmetics. Parabens are found even in food.

Many scientific studies have confirmed that parabens have an effect on the body similar to the effects of estrogen, which makes them very dangerous. Estrogens are powerful hormones that can increase cancer risk. Estrogenopodobnoe compounds such as parabens, known as elements, which can lead to endocrine disorders, because they interfere with normal hormonal activity in the body.

Estrogenopodobnoe compounds can exert strong estrogenic effects, which can increase the growth of estrogen-dependent cells. Some cancer cells are estrogen-dependent, so that this circumstance is a cause for concern. In addition, many parabens are classified as carcinogens (substances causing cancer) and their presence requires detoxification.

Excessive presence of carcinogens increases the need for detoxification, and if such detoxification is insufficient, these carcinogens can penetrate into vulnerable cells in the body causing carcinogenic cellular damage. In addition, the chemicals that cause endocrine disruption, associated with the development of birth defects and other developmental disorders.

Info about what is the impact of parabens, may be causing concern. But the cause for panic because there are ways to reduce the level of exposure to parabens. Here are some tips that you should pay attention to:

  • Completely natural, contains no parabens care products. Products with the highest probability of containing the parabens, are such funds for the care of the body as a moisturizer, products for hair care, shaving and cleansing. The most common parabens used in products for body care products are methylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben, so make sure that You use tools body care do not contain these ingredients.
  • Use all-natural, contains no parabens cosmetics. An estimated 85% of all cosmetics contain parabens. Therefore, if You use Foundation, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara, it is recommended to choose all natural products.
  • Carefully read the information on food labels. In some foods used propyl – paraben that is a preservative. Propylparaben is used mainly subjected to culinary treatment and pre-packaged pastries, cakes, sneko and cakes. It is also found in artificial food dyes.

Due to the fact that parabens were the most widely circulated, to completely save the world from them might prove difficult. The main thing is to reduce the intake of parabens in the body, buying as much as possible, “clean” products, paying particular attention to the means for body care, cosmetics, and food.

Lisa Alshuler, EXT, fellow of the American Board of naturopathic Oncology (ABNO), the naturopathic physician, awarded professional premiums, certified by the Council in the field of naturopathic Oncology. Korolin A. Gazella, authoritative author and publisher in the field of integrative medicine. Together they have written several books, they are weekly radio shows and are the creators of the iTHRIVE program Plan for recovering from cancer.


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