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The role of bran in a healthy diet
The contents

  • Place bran in a healthy diet
  • Nutrition bran for weight loss
  • Eating right: recipes with bran
    • Diet cookies
    • Pancakes with bran

In a healthy diet people started to include bran recently. Previously, these grain products used only as feed for livestock. However, scientists have established their undoubted benefits to human health. What bran are valued, and how they should be administered in the diet?

Place bran in a healthy diet

Bran is produced during the processing of different cereals. They represent the hard shell of grains, which are completely removed from the flour. In other variations, the presence of bran is strictly metered. And the maximum number of them contained in wholemeal flour.

Wish to include this product in a healthy diet, may suddenly be faced with quite a wide selection of bran. Indeed, depending on the kind grind grain, they can be: wheat, oats, rye, rice, buckwheat, linseed etc. they Also differ in the degree of grinding (fine and coarse).

For fans of proper nutrition will be interested to know that the bran may be enriched with various natural additives (e.g., beets, lemon, apples, seaweed or Jerusalem artichoke). They significantly increase the nutritional value of the main product. As for the bran, the scientific research confirmed the fact that they are on some indicators is significantly superior to the very flour.

Thus, it became known that bran is a valuable source of protein, starch, healthy fats and minerals. In addition, these foods are low in calories (about 165 calories per 100 g). Therefore, they can be safely recommended to include in the diet of people who prefer healthy food.

The diet of modern man contains in excess of refined foods, simple carbohydrates, saturated fats. In his power acute shortage of fiber, vitamins and minerals. That is why so common diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Bran, due to the high content of fiber, provide the following positive effects on the human body:

  • perfectly stimulate peristalsis and normalize the stool (the effect of using 30 g of bran can be compared with the effect of 1 kg of fresh fruit);
  • cause lasting feeling of fullness because of its ability to swell and greatly increase in size;
  • reduce the absorption of cholesterol from the intestine;
  • prevent the formation of stones in the bile ducts;
  • increase the proportion of beneficial microflora in the intestine;
  • allow excrete salts of heavy metals and carcinogens that may be contained in the food;
  • are an additional source of vitamins and minerals and fatty acids.

According to doctors, to achieve a specified list of useful properties you want to include in a proper diet from 20 to 40 grams of fiber.

However, bran has some contraindications. It is not recommended to enter into the diet of patients with celiac disease. It is also known that excessive consumption can trigger intestinal colic, aggravate peptic ulcer disease and increase flatulence.

Another characteristic feature is the ability to bind and remove a large amount of fluid. Therefore, the introduction of these products in a healthy diet you need to follow the correct drinking regime. In addition, it should be noted their ability to inhibit the intestinal absorption of such minerals as zinc, iron, phosphorus, copper and aluminium.

Nutrition bran for weight loss

Today you can often hear that bran is an essential product for weight loss. However, how to include them in the diet is known to few.

Bran isn’t the most pleasant tasting product and it is difficult to eat in its pure form, so many people don’t see the point in their use. Meanwhile, they can greatly facilitate the process of getting rid of excess weight.

Any diet for weight loss involves reducing calories consumed. However, the problem many people decide solely by reducing the batch size, rather than reducing the caloric content of the product. In the end, the intestines used to digest large quantities of food, begins to work properly, causing constipation and other unpleasant consequences for the organism.

As is known, the use of bran is the prevention of dysbacteriosis and diseases of the gallbladder and liver, which can improve overall health and speed up weight loss.

In the course of diseases, to include them in the diet should, after completion of drug therapy, in consultation with the doctor.

The undeniable advantage of bran, which allows you to add them in the correct food is the ability to satiate and satisfy hunger.

Nutritionists recommend to observe the following rules of use of these products:

  • starting the use of bran should be 1 teaspoon (half an hour before meals, three times a day);
  • be sure to drink each portion with a glass of clean water (juice, herbal tea or yogurt);
  • gradually increase the amount of bran to 1 tablespoon three times a day (exceed this dosage is not recommended due to possible problems with gastrointestinal tract).

To lose weight you can use a different bran: wheat, oats, rye, buckwheat, or any other to taste. It should be understood that for getting rid of excess weight it is necessary to provide a permanent deficit entering the body of calories. Therefore, simply adding bran to the usual menu is not enough. You should fully review the diet and make the appropriate adjustments in lifestyle.

Eating right: recipes with bran

In order to properly include bran in a healthy diet is not necessarily consumed in its pure form. Below are several recipes in which it is seen that this product can be added to various dishes.

Diet cookies

To prepare this dessert you need to mix 300 grams of cereal oatmeal, 50 g raisins, 30 g of coconut flakes, 2 tbsp bran 2 finely chopped banana. Add salt and sugar to taste. Mix thoroughly. Enter in a mixture of 1 beaten egg and knead thick dough. To form cookies in the shape of small pancakes and bake them on a baking sheet (with parchment paper) for 20 minutes at 200 °C.

Pancakes with bran

To prepare these pancakes need to mix 2 tbsp bran, 1.5 tbsp low fat cream cheese and 1 egg. Preheat non-stick pan. Pour on it a few small pancakes. Bake for 1.5 minutes on each side. This dish is the most diet and is part of many popular diets. It is fine for Breakfast and as a garnish for hot dishes.

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