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Tips that will help you to go on a proper diet
The contents

  • Tea and coffee without sugar
  • Looking for low-calorie food
  • Fast day — the health benefits
  • Seeds are a useful food product
  • Water is the source of beauty and health
  • Baking instead of frying
  • A little alcohol and a lot of water
  • Vegetables first
  • Prepare your own meals
  • Whole-wheat flour for sweets

To keep your body slim and fit, and good health, it is necessary to organize proper nutrition and, of course, maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fresh air, exercise, healthy choices in the daily menu — the main components of health and longevity. Not so easy to renounce forever the French fries, Burger and a juicy steak. But nobody says it has to be done right now and never allow yourself the pleasures of life. In this article we have collected some useful tips by which you will be able to gradually start eating healthy food without compromising the psyche.

Tea and coffee without sugar

Remember how many times a day do you drink tea and coffee, each time putting in a drink a teaspoon or more of sugar. Having estimated the aggregate trapped in the body so sugar, you get an impressive number. Try to start to gradually reduce the sugar, especially if you are used to drinking tea and coffee with cakes, chocolates or other treats. Over time you will begin to feel the taste of the drink and will be able to opt out of sugar. Believe me, quality coffee and tea itself is very fragrant and delicious. This begs the question: “Why to you combine, if it harms the figure, beauty and health?”.

Looking for low-calorie food

It turns out that most food products have their so-called counterparts, which can hardly taste. For example, you really like potatoes and often cook mashed potatoes. No need to abandon the fun, just next time, boil the potatoes and florets of cauliflower. Cooked vegetables preroute. The difference in taste is hardly noticeable, but with this you get less calories and more healthy dish.

Fast day — the health benefits

Any day of the week can be done lean. If you love to start Monday, let it be what it is. Not at once to give up meat all day? It doesn’t matter. Replace a couple of meals of vegetables and one meat-eating. Gradually your body will get used to it. By entering in your eating habits vegetarianism, be sure to listen to the body. Maybe over time you can go to the diet, in which eating meat only twice a week. Many nutritionists say that an adult and healthy person it’s enough.

Seeds are a useful food product

Almost any dish can add healthy seeds. For example, the taste of the cereal is completely changed, if you sprinkle them with Chia seeds, which are rich in trace elements necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Salads can be sprinkled with flax seeds or add them to muesli and yoghurt. Including these foods in your daily diet, you will accelerate the metabolism, saturate the body with essential minerals and vitamins. But most importantly, they are beneficial to the work of the organs of the digestive system.

Water is the source of beauty and health

We all know that water is the main component of the entire body. Without water no life would exist, and every person per day should drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water. Many people replace the usual carbonated water, explaining his behavior with the fact that it is tasty and easier to drink. Doctors recommend to give up carbonated beverages forever. If you think this is impossible, try to improve the taste of water with a few drops of lemon juice, mint leaves, honey, etc.

Baking instead of frying

Nutritionists agree that fried is bad for our health. There is a solution: bake your favorite meals in the oven. They are not only useful but also delicious. Moreover, this method of cooking eliminates the harmful effects of fried vegetable oil on the human body. Bake almost all food: vegetables, meat, fish, cereals, seasoning them with fragrant spices and herbs.

And what delicious desserts out of the oven!

A little alcohol and a lot of water

The abuse of alcohol is detrimental to health. It is known to all, but not everyone can completely eliminate the alcohol. If you are invited to enjoy a glass of wine or glass of beer, and you can’t give up, do not worry and do not blame yourself for breaking the rules of a healthy lifestyle. Just between meals alcohol drink water. A glass of clean water will help avoid dehydration.

Vegetables first

If the meal includes several dishes, it is best to start with vegetables and only then go for fish, meat, garnish. This way you will slightly saturate the body, and therefore will not be able to eat large amounts of everything else. Fresh vegetables and herbs are the most useful foods that you must include in your diet every day in large quantity. Try to keep on your plate was the vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, squash, beets, carrots, etc.

Prepare your own meals

Not every woman can afford daily to prepare fresh food. But strive to have everything. Preparing independently, you can be completely confident that the dish only fresh products. Also you will be able even approximately to count calories, to choose the correct combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Try to abandon the semi-finished products and fast food. In fact, the healthy cooking does not require special skills and a lot of free time. Agree, cook porridge, egg and chopped vegetable salad is a total of not more than half an hour. And in this case the body will get a lot of nutrients for proper functioning.

Whole-wheat flour for sweets

Few people are ready to completely give up sweets. Some people do say that without chocolate and cookies for them life is not sweet. Do not completely limit yourself treats can be prepared from wholesome ingredients and without compunction to include them in your daily diet. The first thing to do is to replace the conventional flour in whole grain that contains protein and fiber. Look for recipes for healthy baking, experiment, raduyte relatives and useful treats.

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