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Top foods that cause food addiction

The contents

  • Why do some foods cause food addiction?
  • Daily food: products that generate harmful dietary habits
  • Healthy eating: useful analogues harmful to the human body food

It is no secret that certain foods can cause severe food addiction. What is the mechanism of its development, and can we influence this process? Experts call the products of particular danger to human health. Will it be possible to find a worthy replacement?

Why do some foods cause food addiction?

Food addiction is essentially one form of deviant behavior, reflected in the inability of the individual to resist the need of absorption of food. Thus at the core of this desire is not hunger, but a mental and emotional state, pushing it to the process of uncontrolled food intake.

Food for the modern man has long been one of the ways of having fun, relieving emotional pressure and a way of interpersonal communication. Often sharing food allows you to establish an easy casual communication. This close but short-lived relationship between people can be seen during friendly get-togethers at the bar, a visit to the Smoking room or near the coffee machine.

When should we sound the alarm? Experts believe signals the emergence of food addiction, the change in lifestyle, behavior, nutrition, and the emergence of anxiety and obsession with food. In most cases, people are addicted to the most harmful foods that contain the maximum amount of refined sugar, saturated fat, salt, and carcinogens.

So the need for food does not result from the emergence of feelings of hunger, and needing specific food products. This is due to the ability of food to influence the taste buds of the person and stimulate the production of certain hormones (in particular, responsible for the emergence of a sense of satisfaction).

So, after frequent consumption of sugary foods and carbonated drinks, and foods containing monosodium glutamate to get satisfaction from the taste of natural fruits and vegetables becomes more difficult. Therefore, even after a rich meal, I want an extra portion of this food.

Doctors say that the psychological basis of this dependence are formed in childhood and continue to be fixed throughout life. For getting rid of them should seriously reconsider the existing food and completely give up bad food. After a short period of time, the sensitivity of the taste buds will recover.

Much more difficult to abandon the habit of seizing the stress and other problems of emotional character. This may require not only great endurance and willpower, but also the support of relevant professionals.

Daily food: products that generate harmful dietary habits

Many people experience food cravings, which is not consistent with the principles of healthy eating. For someone harmful products are a way to occasionally treat yourself or to maintain friendly company. However, some people fall into complete dependence on such foods, resulting in health problems, emergence of overweight and reduced self-esteem. Nutritionists call food that most commonly cause food addiction.

  • Quick-cooking cereals

People seeking to organize a healthy diet, you know that cereal is the optimal product for Breakfast. Today, however, the stores can meet a variety of cereal, in which manufacturers add berries, fruit, chocolate and other products that increase their attractiveness to the buyer. One benefit to the organism is in doubt, because these breakfasts contain a huge amount of sugar and taste enhancers and other preservatives that can cause a very real addiction to food.

  • Hard cheeses

All the cheeses have not only a bright taste and aroma, but also high nutritional value, which increase appetite and encourage a person to eat a serving for serving. Scientists warn of another danger of these products – when consumed, the body releases casomorphine, the effect of which on the human body can be compared with drugs. So after eating lots of cheese, some people may experience drowsiness and severe weakness.

  • Fast food

All varieties of fast food in excess contain sugar, salt, saturated fats, preservatives and other harmful to human health substances. Such foods as hamburgers or sandwiches, consisting of buns, grilled meat, cheese and sauces are real “calorie bomb”. One such snack can cover a quarter of the daily energy requirements (based on 2000 calories/day per person). However, quickly returning the feeling of hunger prompts them to continue to eat similar meals, causing overeating and other health problems.

  • Sweet drinks

Although all nutritionists unanimously considers soda to harmful products that are not recommended to include in your daily diet, many people still feel an irresistible craving for such drinks. This is due to the fact that a huge amount of sugar in their composition causes the body to produce pleasure hormone (dopamine). However, with regular abuse of soda and other sugar-containing foods sensitivity to of this hormone decreases and person to saturation it takes more and more drinks.

  • Ice cream

Usually it is a sweet treat popular in the hot season, but some feel cravings all year round. This dependence is due to the high sugar content and milk fat, to which the body reacts accordingly (or trying to stock as much of this nutritious product). In addition, refreshing taste of the ice cream prevents to stop in time, and the person often eats up a serving portion.

Healthy eating: useful analogues harmful to the human body food

To get rid of couple of extra pounds, but also improve the health and reduce the risk of many diseases, it is enough to replace some of the usual food for healthier alternatives.

So, nutritionists recommend everyone to organize a healthy diet, opted for:

  • whole-grain cereals instead of cheerios (to improve the taste, you can use berries, sliced fresh fruit, honey, nuts, etc.);
  • omelets with vegetables and greens instead of burgers or sandwiches with egg;
  • natural plain yogurt instead of sweet drinking yoghurt with a large number of flavoring;
  • black organic coffee instead of a latte (a drink contains no calories due to added sugar and milk fat);
  • whole wheat bread instead of loaves of white bread (the first is rich in fiber, and fiber);
  • the grilled meat instead of fried in a pan (meat cooked without fat, much more useful);
  • vegetable chips instead of traditional potato (analogues not only contain several times less calories, but are a source of many vitamins).
  • any nuts instead of energy bars (the latter may contain corn syrup and other additives are very high in calories).

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