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Friends who missed training on vitamins in December for pre-Christmas hustle and bustle? Only in January, you can buy access to all the training immediately, and until January 16 to get the SUPER-bonus package proven supplements from iHerb.

During the training you will learn:

What tests need to pass, how to choose vitamins and what they do in the body, “decode” their tests independently and will be their personal effective regimen of supplements every day.

Information training – unique, this will not tell you iherb bloggers and even doctors because of the differences everywhere, even in the values of the tests.

But it is the nuances of play value. When to start to drink vitamins, which vitamins, how much, with or without food, what time of day?

You will understand the vitamins and put “everything on the shelves,” you understand how they work and what what exactly you need.

Full training program here

You will receive:

  • 14 lessons with ready-made tables, lists and recommendations
  • detailed, step-by-step action planthat will immediately begin to use in practice
  • my knowledge and 6 years of experience in the study of additives and BAD
  • the opportunity to ask questions and get answers
  • super BONUS if you pay before 16 January: six lists of proven, high quality supplements from iHerb that you can safely buy. More than 60 options of magnesium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin D, and calcium. The value of bonus is 1200 RUB if purchased separately (without training).


Training takes place on a separate platform, access immediately after payment. Training materials available from any country, and remain with you forever.


Training cost 3500 rubles. But, if you pay before 16 January inclusive cost 3200 rubles. + SUPER bonus (worth 1200 rubles).

Buy the full access to training on “Vitamins” only now in January, and this is the lowest price. The value of the following flow will be more expensive.

HOW to sign up:

For records write to the mail: [email protected]

The feedback from the participants about the training:


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