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Truth and myths about cheese tofu

The contents

  • Soy protein is poorly absorbed?
  • Tofu is dangerous to health?
  • Tofu is beneficial for women?
  • Soy cheese contributes to obesity?
  • Tofu is tasteless?
  • Tofu does not fit in the Russian kitchen?
  • Soy cheese is not to give children?
  • Tofu — cause of frequent illnesses?
  • Tofu causes adverse reactions?

Tofu rushed into cooking in the mid-twentieth century, however, first learned about it in ancient times. As the story goes, absolutely tasteless piece of white colouring was the result of a random experiment is a poor Chinese. In the circumstances the man could not afford anything except soy beans. Then he had the idea to combine pureed beans with sea salt. The result was the reaction which led to the setting of the mass and the formation of a unique product — tofu.

The Chinese for several months used culinary innovation and I noticed that she began to feel much better. He even compared the tofu with meat, just much softer, smoother and more economical. This information was quickly leaked to the public and since then, tofu is an integral part of the diet of the people of China. In Russia, the product has not taken immediately and not all. This aspect is due to the many myths. One of which confirms that soy protein included in cheese, is poorly absorbed by the body. Whether so it actually?

Soy protein is poorly absorbed?

Soy products, including tofu, were a huge number of scientific trials, both in Russia and in Western countries. Studies have shown that soy protein is well absorbed by the body, according to scientists 90%.


European scientists have conducted studies that have shown that soy protein contained in the cheese, tofu, endowed with high nutritional value, as it includes eight essential amino acids. It is full for the human body, in contrast to, for example, proteins from cereals.

Tofu is dangerous to health?

They say that soy products are the strongest allergens, which can trigger swelling, rashes and itching. In fact, a myth, nothing confirmed. Doctors in one voice say that tofu is necessary and important to eat vegetarians (people who refused to animal food) and those who suffer from intolerance to milk protein but moderate amounts. Tofu makes a wonderful alternative to cow’s milk, cheese products and, of course, cottage cheese. By the way, the Chinese are often referred to as tofu, soybean curd.


It is important to note that in China and other East Asian countries soy before consumption and manufacture of cheese is always subjected to a fermentation process which allows to exclude from a plant-based product hazardous compounds, for example, trypsin and phytic acid. Also worth mentioning that neither cheese, nor other soy products are not the basis of the Asian diet as suggested by many. Per day Asians eat no more than 10 grams of soy.

Tofu is beneficial for women?

Indeed, tofu is very useful for women’s health, especially after 45 years. The fact that the product contains phytoestrogens that reduce menopausal disorders and restore hormonal balance. The result of regular consumption of tofu is a good feeling, smooth and elastic skin (by slowing down the aging process of the cover), no excessive sweating, frequent headaches, decrease in sexual activity and libido, and also spikes blood sugar and restless sleep.


For anybody not a secret that the risk of systemic atherosclerosis and malfunction of the cardiovascular system after 45 years of doubles. The phytoestrogens not only can minimize the chance of stroke or heart attack! An integrated approach that involves proper diet, rational exercise, vitamins and minerals, body weight and be sure a favorable psycho-emotional background.

Soy cheese contributes to obesity?

There is a perception that soy foods promote rapid weight gain and obesity. This is another myth! Tofu, prepared in compliance with the traditional technology, does not contain much fat, only 8-9%. Moreover, there is almost no fast carbs, the abuse of which promises extra pounds. Accordingly, tofu is an excellent component of the diet of people wanting to lose weight without harm for health.

Experts Roskontrol encourage people not to abuse food made from soy, because every day the human body must obtain a certain amount of nutrients, not only protein, which are rich in soy. The use of the protein more than 75 g is a very reckless act, especially for people to whom the task is not to gain muscle mass.

Tofu is tasteless?

And it’s true! Tofu is deprived of any taste, it is not even listed salt. It easily absorbs himself taste his “companions” a dish, for this reason it is recommended to use together with vegetables as salads. It should be noted that today tofu is available in three variations — highly compressed, classic and soft (looks very similar to pudding). Also you can find flavored types with additives — herbs, nuts, spicy seasonings. To talk about the benefits of such a product is difficult, it is important to carefully read the part before you buy.


At a time when Russia celebrated international women’s day, in Taiwan and in China celebrate Day of stinky tofu. This variation is inherent in the moderately soft consistency and strong smell. In supermarkets and, especially, restaurants, stinky tofu did not sell. It can be found in “forbidden” shops and cheap bars. Eat stinky cheese in grilled or smoked form, at least, coupled with pasta or rice.

Tofu does not fit in the Russian kitchen?

Absurd! Worse than tofu, for example, the Adygei cheese, widespread on the Russian table? Along with Okara (soy pulp), tofu blends harmoniously with the traditional Russian recipes of burgers, bakery products, pastries, desserts, dumplings, cheese and pate.


The most simple, but delicious salad can be prepared, having at hand only the sour-sweet Apple, tofu, lettuce and a slice of rye bread. Cut the Apple into strips, and cheese cubes. Bread slice, brown in the oven. Lettuce tear by hand. Connect all components, stir, drizzle with olive oil.

Soy cheese is not to give children?

As mentioned, tofu contains large amounts of easily digestible protein and calcium, which is required for growing bodies, especially the formation of a strong skeleton. It is possible and necessary to give children, but in limited quantities, it is especially suitable for babies suffering from intolerance of milk protein and lactose. The risk of allergic reactions with moderate use is extremely small.

Roskontrol experts advise parents not to lean on soy beans and flour, because they contain indigestible carbohydrates. Restrictions do not affect the soy milk and the protein isolate. They can be used as much as the day allowed to drink cow’s milk, of course, if there are food allergies to soy, that is also possible.

Some experts impose limits on soy products for pregnant women. The fact is that soy contains isoflavones. They, in turn, belong to the category of estrogen-like substances which may have hormone-like action.

Tofu — cause of frequent illnesses?

And why not just credited with soy cheese. Tofu is a storehouse of valuable substances that have a positive impact on the functioning of the vital organs and systems. So, research scientists at the University of Illinois has shown that the isoflavone genistein — phytoestrogen inhibits the enzyme (e.g., a tyrosine protein kinase), which encourage the growth and development of cancer cells. It was also proven that soy cheese contains large quantities of the peptide, referred to as lunasin. He, in turn, prevents the development of cancer and contributes to the destruction of metastasis.


As shown by extended studies at the University of Illinois, the combination of components that are part of soy products (tofu is no exception) and tomatoes have a preventive effect on the prostate gland and reduces the risk of cancer by 55%.

It should be noted that tofu and other soy products prepared with all the technological nuances and subtleties, it is good for health. In them appears a lot of biologically active substances which are effective in the prevention and complex treatment of endocrine diseases, obesity, diseases of the heart muscle and blood vessels, diseases of the genitourinary system. They are also subject to the reduction and control of cholesterol and blood sugar.

There is a perception that most of the products of soy genetically modified and extremely dangerous for human health. Indeed, many manufacturers at soybean growing use of genetic engineering, which allows you to save. However, the chemical composition of the soybeans being genetically engineered, there are no differences from those grown naturally.

Still around genetically modified soybeans, the debate continues, but the who studies did not reveal adverse effects of the product on human health. On the other hand, people should know what they eat, and the law of the Russian Federation on the packaging of products with transgenic soybeans must be labelled.

Tofu causes adverse reactions?

Without a doubt, like any other product, tofu can cause adverse reactions. Thus, the role of soy Goodies for the health of the thyroid gland is still under discussion, but all the doctors are sure that if you have problems with one of the most important glands of internal secretion should be possible to limit the consumption of tofu.

Hard to believe, but in the US, about 93% of soybeans grown in the U.S., genetically modified. For this reason, the beans and products made from them have low cost. As already mentioned, the who studies have not revealed any harmful effects on health. However, excessive use of transgenic soy that is also proven promise liver problems and increases the risk of allergic reaction, which is accompanied by irregularity, rash and other side effects. Experts recommend to give preference to soy and by products grown naturally without the inclusion of harmful additives.

According to some scholars, the soybean has one side effect for men. They say that phytoestrogens, which is full of a product that can alter the male body, in particular to induce breast growth. However, doctors of such findings is not given, but only mentioned that significant changes are possible only to those persons that drink soy milk on a daily basis and in large quantity.

Expert commentary

Neal Barnard, author of books on the topics of healthy eating, clinical researcher, founder and President of physician’s Committee for responsible medicine (Physicians Committee for Respponsible Medicine)

Tofu is a truly unique product. It has a high nutritional value and contains huge number of useful substances that provide resistance to various diseases. In this small amount of fats and carbohydrates, that elevates tofu to the rank of products easy to digest. It is possible without fear to consume for those who suffer from milk protein intolerance; people with diabetes (including the second type for the normalization of carbohydrate metabolism); persons who have problems with overweight and want to lose weight.

Also tofu is recommended for people who are familiar diseases of the kidneys, and be sure women who turned 40 years old. And men tofu will play on the “hand”. It should be included in the diet of individuals whose work involves serious physical exertion and those who are engaged in sports, especially heavy types. It is proven that tofu quickly restores strength, increases endurance and increases muscle mass, which is especially important for athletes.


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