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The problem of enlarged and clogged pores bothers many girls. The black dots look ugly and conspicuous, especially if you congregate in large numbers. Sometimes it seems that the best way to get rid of them — just to squeeze out, but it is fraught with inflammation, with damage to small capillaries and getting an infection in the layers of the skin. Therefore it is necessary to turn to hardware-based cosmetology and to choose a quality vacuum cleaner since. Many people wonder what kind of miracle remedy and whether or not it is effective.


  • What it is
  • Is this harmful
  • The best model
    • Spot Cleaner
    • Panasonic
    • Beauty Star
    • Gezatone
    • Goldseaside
    • Power Perfect Pore
  • How to choose a purifier
  • The right purification technology
  • Important recommendations

What it is

The idea of pore cleanser is simple. It acts as a mini vacuum cleaner, with the power of sucking in itself sebum and the contents of comedones. Good vacuum devices working in several modes, allowing you to adjust the suction power and not to injure the epidermis. If the model incorporated a diffuser, this will allow to combine a facial with lymphatic drainage massage. Improves blood circulation, skin layers are saturated with oxygen and nutrients. And cleaner pores and skin glows!

For added effect you can put on the face of the foam, gel or mousse cleanser, and then start to treat the face of the machine. But if the skin is too dry and prone to allergies, do a dry regime.

Is this harmful

The effectiveness of vacuum-cleaner is confirmed by numerous promotional videos, but the question of damage still remains open. Is it possible to use the device and not worry that it will damage delicate female skin?

The cause of most negative feedback was the wrong use of the device. Some girls are too lazy to properly steam the face, the other was holding the nozzle at the same comedo too long. The result was minor bruising and dilated capillaries.

Another reason for a failed vacuum-cleaner — incorrect choice of nozzle. Definitely need to read the instructions and choose the correct nozzle that will effectively get the contents of the pores without damaging the epidermis. If the girl has a predisposition to allergies can cause redness, itching or rash. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a beautician before purchasing a miracle device.

Do not get involved with vacuum cleaning those who frequently get pimples the vascular mesh or other skin problems. The device not only will help to get rid of them, but will also lead to a worsening of the situation.

The best model

Before buying a vacuum cleaner, should carefully review with its technological properties and reviews. The most popular are 6 models.

Spot Cleaner

Domestic vacuum pore cleaner, manufactured in accordance with European quality standards. The instrument looks like an oblong cylinder, the end of which is a special vacuum nozzle. For the production of the hull is high quality and durable plastic, so Spot Cleaner is not afraid to shock and mechanical impact. Purifier works on penlight batteries.

The nozzle has the shape of a little Cup that sticks to the skin and clears pores. Included is the cap, they need to close the nozzle to protect it from dirt and dust. The principle of operation is very simple: the device switches on with the button and creates a vacuum. Mode only one, but for normal skin it’s enough.

Judging by the user feedback, Spot Cleaner not only helps remove blackheads, but also to rejuvenate the skin. The vacuum attachment gently massages the epidermis and stimulates blood circulation. The device is ideal for oily, combination and normal skin. Owners of dry epidermis should consult with a beautician.

Video: Overview of machine Spot Cleaner from beauty-blogger


The manufacturer is known not only for his household and digital appliances, but also cosmetic devices. Purifier Panasonic creates a pressure of 50 kPa, which is enough for gentle cleaning without injury to the skin. The nozzles are two sides — broad and narrow. The first is used for the treatment of cheeks, forehead, chin, the second for the wings of the nose and other hard to reach areas.

Depending on the type of the epidermis and of the recommendations of a cosmetologist can be used both dry and wet cleaning mode. Due to the thin jets of water when wet cleaning nozzle tight and massages the skin, improving blood circulation and stimulating cell regeneration.

Most models operate on batteries, but not Panasonic. The device is equipped with a battery that can hold a charge for 12 hours. This makes the purifier is an essential option for travelers and those who often goes on business trips. The duration of continuous battery life is 20 minutes.

Beauty Star

The device of the Chinese manufacture is not inferior in functionality for European and domestic models. The obvious advantage of this model of vacuum cleaner four nozzles: wide for the forehead and cheeks, narrow spot effect. With attachments you can not only remove blackheads, but also massage the skin. A special attachment with micro-particles of natural minerals allows to remove dead skin. Pore cleaner works gently as possible, so it is allowed to use on a daily basis.

Beauty Star works in 5 modes, so you can control the suction power. The device runs on a battery that is recharged via a USB cord.


This device is available in France, taking into account all international standards of quality. For the highest quality cleansing the purifier is provided with 4 nozzles: for massaging, exfoliate dead skin particles and cleaning of different areas of the face.

Girls with sensitive skin complain that the majority of the devices cause an Allergy or bruises because of the increased suction. Gezatone operates in 4 modes, so the user controls the strength of the vacuum. With regular use of a vacuum cleaner then disappear blackheads, skin tone will improve and facial contours will catch up.


Yet another device running on a battery. 3 modes allow you to control the power vacuum that will suit girls with delicate and thin skin. Soft massage effect helps tighten the skin, smooth wrinkles and stimulate increased blood circulation.

Includes 3 heads: wide and elongated for processing large areas of the face, round nose and a special nozzle for peeling. It is equipped with a special rough ring that literally clears away dead skin cells.

Included charger, nozzles and removable filters. They need to replace the extent of contamination below the device continued to operate normally.

Power Perfect Pore

The device can be attributed to the category of super-phones. Its peculiarity is that tips allow you not only to pull the contents of the pores and gently cleanse the skin surface with a brush or sponge and massage face head with three balls. Due to the comprehensive care you can completely abandon the session at the beautician!

Regular use ensures Power Perfect Pore deep cleansing pore on the face and other parts of the body, natural lift facial contours, improve blood circulation and glowing skin. The kit includes 4 tips and stand. The device is powered by batteries, which periodically need to be changed for a new one.

How to choose a purifier

In fact, detailed instructions for the selection of the ideal device. It all depends on skin type and conditions of use. But some advice is worth listening:

  • If skin is oily and can easily withstand any cleaning, it is possible to choose the vacuum cleaner with one mode of operation. But girls whose skin is prone to irritation and bruises, you need to pick up vacuum devices with multiple types of effects.
  • Devices with multiple heads generally are more expensive than the conventional cleaners. Before buying it is worth considering whether to use massage head or nozzle with the abrasive surface.
  • The majority of the devices operate from a battery which is charged via USB cable. Usually the charge lasts about 12 hours, and the unit is running 15-20 minutes. If this time is insufficient and inconvenient to constantly charge the device, you should choose the option with replaceable batteries or battery-operated.
  • An important and user reviews. To be certain not to make a mistake and don’t send money down the drain, it is advisable to go on forums or sites with reviews and read the opinions of those who have already tested the device.

    The right purification technology

    To vacuum cleaner has not caused the person harm, and helped get rid of the hated pimples, you need to follow the simple instructions:

  • The face before the procedure, be sure to clean. During vacuum cleaning may appear pinholes, and dirty skin is full of germs. Getting in the cracks, they will cause inflammation and redness. For cleaning the face use the usual foam or gel for washing. Does not hurt to walk with an antibacterial soap or antiseptic solution.
  • The next step — steaming. It in no event cannot be ignored. If the pores are disclosed, they will not be able to get all the content. To enhance the antiseptic effect, it is recommended to hold the face not just over the hot water, and over the fresh decoction of chamomile.
  • To treat the face cleaner then it is necessary in accordance with the instructions. Never move too quickly or to drive from side to side. The correct movement should be smooth and in one direction only. Desirable to “torment” the skin longer than 7 minutes, this time is enough to remove comedones and to instruct bruises.
  • After the procedure, you need to wash in cold water with no cleanser, and then apply a special cream for pores.
  • After cleansing your face device you can’t just put on a shelf and forget about it. The nozzle must be removed and thoroughly rinsed first with water and then with antiseptic solution or alcohol. It is advisable to store the machine in a box to keep the dust and dirt.

    Important recommendations

    To procedure for cleaning the face using a vacuum device did not lead to the appearance of new spots or bruises, you need to remember a few rules:

    • required to wash before the procedure, not only the face but also arms;
    • immediately after cleaning for several hours can’t go out in the sun or Solarium;
    • pregnant women it is better to abandon use of the purifier.

    Optimal frequency of use of vacuum cleaner then — 1 time in 7-10 days. During this time, the epidermis manages to recover from the microtrauma, and new comedones of time to appear in large quantities.

    Vacuum apparatus is not a revolutionary invention, and it is an effective way to get rid of the hated black dots. Previously it was used only in salons, but modern miniature cleaners person apply now at home. The device can be anything: light or massive, powerful and not. Most importantly, it needs to carefully clean and not to injure. Only then the purchase will be useful.

    Video: Testing pore cleaner


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