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Vegetable soup for weight loss
The contents

  • Why are mashed potatoes good for weight loss?
  • Special diet with vegetable puree
  • Recipes for figure and health
    • Spicy mashed carrot
    • With artichoke
    • With potatoes and pepper
    • From a turnip
    • Cabbage mashed potatoes
    • Beet
    • Baklanovo
    • With turnips
    • Multi-component puree

Vegetables are a source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, they are useful for health and weight loss. It is recommended to eat them fresh, boiled, baked and stewed. One of the most useful dishes and vegetable purees.

Why are mashed potatoes good for weight loss?

All the vegetables contains large amounts of vitamins, macro – and microelements, vegetable protein, dietary fiber. Vegetables help to build digestion, excrete excess water, are well cleaned intestines, perfectly saturated.

In principle, all vegetables are useful for weight loss if they are not fried. Why is a preference for mashed potatoes?

First of all, it’s easy to use. You just have to cook (bake) vegetables and mash them or beat with a blender. In addition, applesauce is easily digested. And still have the ability to connect many vegetables in one dish. For example, you can cook three different kinds of cabbage, zucchini and carrots or squash, Jerusalem artichokes, potatoes, onions. Every time the puree will have a new taste, and the body will get a huge amount of valuable substances.

How to cook vegetable soup for weight loss? It is best to cook it in water without salt, butter and sugar. The exception is carrots. Because carotene is better absorbed with milk fat in a smoothie is to add the milk. But in General, if mashed potatoes to eat for Breakfast, the milk can be added to other vegetables. But in the evening it is better to do without dairy products, thus reducing the caloric value of the dish.

To improve the taste of vegetable puree, you can add different herbs, spices. Some spices also accelerate weight loss. For example, ginger, hot pepper. You can also add in mashed vegetable oil. Suitable sesame, pumpkin, olive, flax, corn, mustard oil.

Are there any contraindications to the use of vegetable purees? Overall, this dish is well absorbed. However, if there are contraindications to the use of a certain vegetable, then cook the dish not worth it.

Special diet with vegetable puree

Because puree is suitable for weight loss, there are even special diets. It is better to choose a long and more varied option. But if it is urgent to get rid of a couple extra pounds, you can choose a starvation diet.

Weekly diet offers to use any vegetable puree. In addition, you can eat different fruits, buckwheat, cottage cheese, meat and fish. However, one must keep in mind that a day are allowed to eat no more than 100 grams of meat or fish, 50 grams of cheese, a small plate of buckwheat and 100 grams of low fat cottage cheese.

How to make a menu? Puree should be eaten at least twice a day. And without meat and fish. The puree should be a separate dish.

Here may be the diet menu:

  • morning: puree of pumpkin, carrots and potatoes, fruit;
  • snack: slice of cheese and tea;
  • lunch: puree of celery, cabbage, green beans and onion compote;
  • afternoon snack: cottage cheese;
  • dinner: boiled fish, and fruit smoothies.

Of course, mashed potatoes it is very desirable to cook without salt. But if you really tasteless, slightly salt. But spices, herbs and different greens added to the dish. As for fish and meat, they have to cook, adding vegetables, root vegetables (parsley, carrots, onions, celery).

The strict version of the diet is designed for three days. You can eat mashed vegetables, berries, whole grain bread and cheese. You can drink green and black tea, pure water.

Diet menu would be:

  • Breakfast: mashed turnips and celery, a slice of cheese;
  • snack: berries;
  • lunch: cabbage, potatoes, bread and green tea;
  • afternoon snack: berries;
  • evening: beetroot puree and tea.

Diet not really hungry, but very monotonous. Therefore, to observe more than three days is not worth it.

Recipes for figure and health

Of course, recipes mashed potatoes, you can choose any. And you can just mix different vegetables and taste the result. But still offer some interesting recipes.

Spicy mashed carrot

In boiling water put pounds sliced carrots, cook for twenty minutes. Then add chopped garlic clove, nutmeg, cumin and ginger powder. Boil for a minute. Blend, add a little peanut butter. Serve with a mint leaf.

With artichoke

Bake a kilogram of Jerusalem artichoke mash. Add turmeric, nutmeg, hot pepper, lemon zest, mix well. 300 g of tomatoes saute, adding a little sugar and salt. Add to the artichoke, heat and mix well.

With potatoes and pepper

Six slice potatoes, cover with water. Cook for ten minutes. Add red peppers, garlic cloves, curry and cook for another ten minutes. Add parsley and chop all in a blender.

From a turnip

Five Repki slice, cover with water and cook until tender. Grind in a blender, adding the nutmeg, black pepper. Sprinkle with chopped parsley. Of turnips if you wish, you can add a few potatoes.

Cabbage mashed potatoes

200 g cauliflower, the same amount of broccoli and Brussels sprouts cover with water. Add a little onion and parsley root. Cook until tender. Beat with a blender. Sprinkle with chopped parsley.


Three beet to boil, whisking. Add a teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar, black pepper, a little sugar and salt. Blend again. You can season with olive oil.


Three eggplant cover with water, add herbs, boil until tender. Whisk immersion blender. Two cloves of garlic crushed, heat in a pan for two minutes. Add the garlic in the mashed potatoes.

With turnips

Large turnips and three carrots put in saucepan, add water, a few peas allspice. Boil twenty-five minutes, add five potatoes. Cook until tender. To prepare mashed potatoes, adding pepper.

Multi-component puree

Three turnips, five potatoes, two carrots, zucchini and 200 g of celery root slice. Add water (it should not be too much), add the allspice, marjoram, parsley. Cook until tender. Beat with a blender and add black pepper.

You can choose to diet or proper nutrition to any recipes. Most importantly, do not add to mashed potatoes heavy cream or butter. Otherwise the weight loss will slow down.

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