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Vegetarianism as power system: pros and cons
The contents

  • Vegetarian food — fashion or health care
  • Giving up meat is not permitted to all
  • Vegetarianism for weight loss: myth or reality
  • The use of animal protein for the body
  • What threatens shortage of vitamins and minerals
  • A gradual transition to the vegetables save you from the aggravation

Under vegetarianism means a waiver from any meat and meat products, fish. The people who hold such a power system may not be excluded from their diet milk, cheese, eggs, which help to fill the need for necessary for the body minerals and vitamins.

Vegetarian food — fashion or health care

Vegetarianism is not a modern trend in nutrition. It appeared for many years and even centuries ago. It is known that the meat used by famous people such as Aristotle, Pythagoras, Plato, Henry Ford, albert Einstein and many others. Among the contemporaries of this system adhere to Julia Roberts, Pamela Anderson, Madonna, Richard Gere, Nikolay Drozdov and many others.

People who refuse from meat, are driven by different reasons. Some motivate their choice in favor of vegetarianism, the diet allows you to feel easy and good, others explain it by a desire to get rid of excess weight, improve their health, and the like. And someone who follows fashion, humane, or religious beliefs. Disputes concerning the benefit and harm of this way of life there are still.

Giving up meat is not permitted to all

Before you refuse of products of animal origin, it is necessary to analyze all the pros and cons, familiarize yourself with the possible risks and consequences. In some cases, vegetarianism, particularly its severe form is veganism, is contraindicated. For example, it is not recommended to exclude meat, fish, milk, cottage cheese for pregnant and lactating women, children, and adolescents in the period of intensive growth. The lack of vitamins, minerals and nutrients present in animal products, may adversely affect the future development and health of children. Even the Church during Lent makes the relief to this category of people.

In some cases, physicians, in contrast, are advised to reduce meat consumption, replacing it with fish, dairy products. This applies to women experiencing menopause and menopause, people with high blood pressure.

Choosing a vegetarian lifestyle is advisable to consult a doctor. Based on data on the health status of the patient, he advises the allowable calorie daily diet, essential foods that are important to include in the menu, select a complex of vitamins to replenish the supply of minerals and trace elements.

Vegetarianism for weight loss: myth or reality

It is no secret that some people are switching to vegetarianism in hopes to get rid of excess weight, believing that vegetables and fruits will help to solve this problem. But is it? Can there be such a power saving diet?

Many, refusing meat and fish products, believe that thus reduce the calories and consequently, lose weight. Energy value of the diet is really reduced due to minimal content of calories, fats and the predominance of plant foods, which are rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates. It includes vegetables, fruits, cereals, whole grain bread, nuts. They not only provide body with necessary microelements and vitamins. Their regular consumption improves digestive system, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Moreover, these products contribute to early satiety and help prevent overeating, which is very important for those who are planning weight loss. The disadvantage of this nutrition that weight goes slowly.

The use of animal protein for the body

Speaking in favor of meat, fish and dairy products, it should be noted that they contained protein requires much more energy to digest than foods of plant origin. Due to this, the weight loss is much faster than the vegetarians.

Another advantage of animal protein is that it serves as a kind of building material for the entire body, including muscle tissue. In contrast to vegetable protein it is better digested.

Therefore, in order to get rid of the hated kilograms, you should find a “Golden mean”. Namely, to make the menu so that it is included in the required amount of fiber, amino acids, beneficial carbohydrates, fats and proteins. This diet will be far more useful than vegetarianism for weight loss.

What threatens shortage of vitamins and minerals

A balanced diet is known to play an important role in human life. It provides the necessary daily norm Belov, fat, minerals and vitamins.

Complete abstinence from meat, fish and seafood can lead to the lack of nutrients and affect the development of serious diseases and pathologies. These include iron deficiency anemia, diseases of the nervous system, hormonal disturbance, which can lead to early onset of menopause.

Vegetarianism, despite its positive side, not the best way affects the immune system, reducing the body’s resistance to colds.

A gradual transition to the vegetables save you from the aggravation

Vegetarian nutrition system helps to relieve and clean the digestive system. But don’t overuse vegetables and fruit, as this may cause flatulence and irritation of the gastrointestinal tract. For those who still have made a choice in favor of plant foods doctors advise to undergo a medical examination in order to exclude or detect diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Changing the diet is a stress to the body and can cause exacerbation of gastritis, cholecystitis, colitis, etc.

In order to avoid undesirable consequences of the transition to vegetarianism should be gradual. First, it is sufficient to arrange one fasting day on vegetables, and then two or three days a week, listening to her health and the changes taking place in the body. You also need to think carefully about their menu, thus, to be able to provide the body with all useful substances. It is important to include dairy products, eggs, nuts, mushrooms, vegetable oil.

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