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We are what we eat?
The contents

  • Where to get energy: caffeine and protein
  • Food for mood: the most delicious and healthy
  • Foods that can cause depression and anger

How food affects a person’s mood and psychological condition says chef and culinary consultant Dmitry Arkhipenko.

Have you thought ever, how food affects a person’s mood? Every day we use products that have the ability to change our physical and mental state. Foods that contain aphrodisiacs, caffeine, amino acids, acids, vitamins, and much more.

A person’s mood directly depends on the produced by the body substances. These substances affect the nervous system and brain. And if in the body there is a shortage of them, the mood is deteriorating. Very important to know how to regulate the use and combination of foods that increase your productivity and will keep you in psychological tone.

Where to get energy: caffeine and protein

The most popular psychoactive substance, caffeine. It helps to increase the efficiency of the body by an average of 12%. Besides coffee, caffeine is found in many foods such as tea, chocolate, and some energy soft drinks. However, with the use of products that contain caffeine, you need to remember that the dose of caffeine for each individual and can be both beneficial and harmful to the body.

If we talk about chocolate, in addition to caffeine, it contains cocoa beans, which positively affect mood and cause a rush of positive emotions.

Strange as it sounds, but foods containing protein have the same property. Chicken or beef fillet, though inferior chocolate taste sensations, but chocolate is the product, the use of which is limited by the body. Many people say that chocolate affects the weight gain, however, meat products contributed no less, and, in some cases, even more.

Food for mood: the most delicious and healthy

You have often noticed how during a prima food, the mood changes after eating dessert? The combination of sugar with the fruit not simply improves mood and causes euphoria. The most powerful fruit in causing euphoria, is a banana. The composition of banana includes Garmin and vitamin B. It helps the production of hormones. By the way, the vitamins contained in all fish. Particularly fatty. Eating fresh fish, such as salmon or tuna, sushi, Maki or sashimi just noticeably changes your mood.

Appropriate to raise the tone will be eating oysters. Oysters — the nutritious food. They contain a large number of useful substances: proteins, which increases vitality of the body, and zinc, which is involved in the synthesis of the male hormone testosterone. The use of oysters is not just increases the activity. Oysters are the most powerful aphrodisiac.

Algae also have properties to improve health. They contain the same B vitamin responsible for mood elevation.

Foods that can cause depression and anger

Alas, in our world today for a full-fledged existence of the necessary products to maintain the diet. Simply put, you can’t thoughtlessly follow a diet with the sole goal of reducing weight. During this diet people deprives the body of necessary substances. The reaction in this case will be hypersensitivity and even aggression. The simplest diet is the meal crushed 6-7 times a day small portions.

In addition, our daily food, we use foods that contain TRANS fats. Mostly, they are contained in a dry broths and supplements, hot dogs and sausages. Consumption of TRANS fats hinders fat metabolism in the brain, interferes with the absorption of omega fatty acids that gives consumers aggressive behaviour and even feelings of anger. Products with their content, not just changing our mood, but also are dangerous for the body, so as to provoke cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Threat to body is the consumption of alcohol. About the dangers of alcohol says a lot. Properties of alcohol, especially strong drinks is increased activity, a brief arousal of the body.

Now, with the advent of genetically modified products and various kinds of substitutes, the meal turned into a placebo. Thus, food serves no useful properties except as the satisfaction of hunger through the saturation of body fats. When choosing a product, we must understand that competition forces the manufacturer to reduce its cost. This affects the quality of the products and, consequently, on the health and mood of people who consume these products.

Have you ever wondered why people good skin, drink…

Why is it so popular coffee shops with delicious sweet desserts…

Why in many cases when a person commits suicide, he is under the influence of alcohol…

Why according to statistics, in many families, the majority of conflicts take place in the kitchen, hence “tradition” of breaking dishes and much more…

And how your mood changes when the food you don’t like, don’t you think its good?

How important is it for you?

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