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Weight loss at home proper diet and fiznagruzki

The contents

  • Weight loss in everyday life
  • Features power
  • Physical activity and exercise

The way of life of modern people often leads to extra pounds that are subsequently difficult to get rid of. And blame improper diet, neglect of exercise, sedentary work and constant stress. Losing weight is a daunting task that requires not only desire, but also a comprehensive approach to the problem. You can deal with it on their own and at home.

Weight loss in everyday life

For weight loss it is not enough to allocate a few hours a week on fiznagruzki. It must be the right way of life that should be followed daily. First of all, it concerns the mode of the day. It is advisable to stick to a certain schedule every day:

  • rise, meals and bedtime at the same time:
  • the daily ten minute morning exercise:
  • an active vacation that involves Hiking or Cycling, skating, swimming;
  • five-minute warm-up at work every hour and a half;
  • to monitor the daily changes of your weight. You need to consider that the first time scale may show slight results. However, after a couple weeks the figures will be revised down;
  • to abandon bad habits. Smoking and drinking alcohol detrimental impact on the body, leading to chronic diseases. It affects the immune system and metabolism contributes to the accumulation in the body of toxic substances.

Every day you keep records of your results — weighing, measurements of waist and hips. It will stimulate to further combat excess weight.

Classes household chores must be in active mode. Housekeeping, cooking, going for food can also be a good exercise if you do them in a good mood and a properly chosen pace.

Slimming in problem areas (such as thighs, buttocks, arms and abdomen) will be useful massage. It can be done both independently and using the services of professional masseurs. After him should take a cold shower or exercise.

In combating fat deposits will also help the sauna or bath. However, it is important to consider contraindications. To speed up the process of weight loss enough to go there 1 time a week.

Features power

An important component of weight loss is proper nutrition. Without it, physical activity will not be effective. A complete rejection of food is strictly prohibited, as lost, therefore the pounds quickly come back with the resumption of the usual diet. The main thing to observe a measure and stick to time mode.

The number of meals should be at least 5. The portions are small. To not be tempted to eat a lot, you can take a plate of small size and eat no more than it is placed. First time after eating will be a slight feeling of hunger. However, over time the body will get used to it. Also not eating before going to bed. After a meal should take at least a couple of hours.

Of great importance are the foods consumed. They should be steamed or cooked. The diet should include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Meat and fish you should choose low-fat varieties. Consumption of potato is better to limit. It is important to exclude from the diet foods that contain dyes and fragrances, as they interfere with normal metabolism. Sweets and flour products should also be consumed in moderation in the first half of the day.

It is also important to properly combine foods. It is better to divide them in different meals and not mixing. Each product is differently absorbed by the body. Separate food will help to make this process right and to speed up the metabolism.

For deducing from an organism of harmful substances and improve metabolism you need to drink a lot of water (evenly throughout the day).

Physical activity and exercise

Proper exercise will contribute to more rapid weight loss. First is the cardio. Their character can be different and depends on the preferences and possibilities. This can be running, training on cardio, jumping rope.

If observed proper nutrition and is an active way of life, for cardio, it is sufficient to allocate 2-3 days a week. Duration of exercises should be at least an hour. Then the body fat will be burnt faster. Cardio activity can be the same every workout or change.

The most affordable option for home cardio trainings are jumping rope. They can perform from the comfort of home and at any time. Boring these classes just are not as exercise with this type of shell can be different — jumping with both feet, alternate jumping limbs, jumping on one leg, twist rope back and so on.

However, weight loss with cardio alone will not lead to the ideal figure. As the pounds will go, and then the skin becomes flabby and saggy. Therefore, you must run and weight training for different muscle groups. Selecting a set you can own. However, it is desirable to include the whole body and worked legs, glutes, abs, arms, back and chest. Enough to pick up 1-2 effective exercise for each muscle group.

Allow time for power loads can also 2-3 times a week. Valid their performance after cardio and on some days. The duration of strength training should be 30 to 45 minutes.

To create a beautiful and slim waist will be beneficial twirling the hula-Hoop. This can be done daily for 10 minutes. This training does not require special time-consuming, as it can be done even while watching TV. With the same purpose you can use the home trainer — grace.

The beauty of the body depends only on its own self-organization and dedication. To dream of a slim figure is not enough — you also need to actively work on themselves.


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