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Weight loss confidential: nutrition, exercise, and salon treatments

The contents

  • Why get fat on hands
  • Algorithms correct nutrition for weight loss hands
  • Effective exercises
  • Slimming massage in the hands
  • Beauty treatments

In men, fat is deposited on the hands is rare, so the problem of weight loss this body part a growing concern for women. Often part of the legs above the level of the elbow becomes one of the problem areas along with belly, thighs and buttocks. It should be noted immediately that the fat hand go reluctantly and to deal with them sometimes very difficult. However, nothing is impossible. The solution to this problem must be approached comprehensively: to adjust the diet, do the exercises to practise different beauty and salon treatments. Just so happens to achieve good results and the ideal elevation of the hands.

Why get fat on hands

Fat deposits on the arms can appear for several reasons:

  • Overeating and consumption of high-calorie food

It promotes the intake of large amounts of calories, which, if unclaimed are converted into fats.

  • The rapid increase of body weight due to health problems

Fat body is distributed evenly, did not pass, and hands.

  • Age

With age, women experience hormonal disturbance, which causes the increase of body weight and the appearance of problem areas.

All these causes can be eliminated and to reduce the volume of the arms above the elbow, if the time to contact the relevant professionals to follow the diet, do not neglect exercise and beauty treatments, and also practice massage.

Algorithms correct nutrition for weight loss hands

Slimming in the arms do not have to follow a strict diet. Simply adjust your daily diet by reducing the amount high carbohydrate, fatty foods and increasing the amount of protein. So, from the diet should exclude fried, marinated, fatty, smoked meat, potatoes, fast food, processed foods and sweets, alcohol and fizzy drinks. You also need to reduce the consumption of coffee, black tea and sugar.

Preference when menus should be given fresh vegetables, fruits, berries and greens, lean meats, fish, low-fat milk and dairy products, eggs, cereals. Also the diet should be enriched with dried fruits and nuts. To cook you need one of gentle ways: steamed, braise, bake or boil. Recommended to eat 5-6 times a day in small portions.

The day should drink about 2 liters of water without gas: it is also stimulate weight loss. In addition to the correction of food and drinking options, it is recommended to take vitamin complex that includes sufficient amounts of vitamin A. It helps to improve elasticity and enhance skin tone.

Effective exercises

Exercise for weight loss hands should be performed with weights small weights (0.5-2 kg). This will not increase muscle mass, but will make the muscles better to decline, and body fat – intense burn. It’s recommended to do every day for half an hour, repeating each element at least 10 times in 1 set (initially). Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the hands:

  • Stand up straight, feet spread shoulder width of hips, straighten the back, look forward. Hand weights pull in front of him, palms turning up. Exhale to pull the shells to the chest, bending your elbows and taking them back. On the inhale to return to starting point.
  • Being in the same starting position, rotate the palms down. To do the exercise described above.
  • Relax your arms down parallel to the body, palms turn to each other. Exhaling, raise them to the sides, bringing to the level of the chest. On the inhale lower down.
  • Take the same starting position. Exhale to pull the shells to the armpits, bending and spreading to the side elbows. On the inhale, lower the hands down.
  • Keeping the starting position, raise the shells to the shoulders, having bent and close to body elbows. Exhale raise the arms up, keeping the shells over his head. On the inhale to return to starting point.
  • One shell to clean up, get on all fours, leaning into the floor with one hand. Look ahead. Other hand with weighting material aside, lifting it to shoulder level. Then switch hands and do another approach.

Slimming massage in the hands

Slimming massage of the forearms you can do yourself, because to work on this area is convenient with your free hand. The procedure should last at least 15 minutes and be conducted daily. It should be done using a massage oil (better with anti-cellulite effect).

Rules of massage:

  • start with light strokes to warm the skin (about 2 minutes);
  • massage all surfaces of the hands, starting from the area just below the elbows (or hands) to the area of the shoulders (armpits do not touch);
  • after stroking go to Pat concave hands, then the tingling, then the kneading of the skin with the fingers in a circular motion;
  • complete the massage should be intense rubbing movements.

Beauty treatments

To weight loss in hands took place efficiently, and the skin tightened better, along with exercise, proper nutrition and massage is recommended to do special treatments.

Effective in this respect are the wraps, coffee, clay, honey, with kelp, sea salt, olive oil, etc. They will contribute to your pores, to eliminate excess fluid, lymphatic drainage and improved circulation.

It stimulates the breakdown of fat, accelerates the weight loss in the arms and intensifies the effect of exercise and massage. After application the treated area should be wrapped with several layers of cling film, and after 30-60 minutes rinse with warm water.

Additionally, you can do the scrubbing. It helps to exfoliate the skin and improves local blood circulation. For the procedure suitable sea salt, finely ground, crushed egg shells (dried), ground oatmeal, coffee or buckwheat. They must be mixed with water, a gel, a cream or milk until mushy state. Then apply on the treated area and massage movements rubbed into the skin for 10 minutes.

To fat burning effect was more long lasting, you should stick to the comfortable sleep and rest: sleep at least 8 hours, to avoid overtraining and give the muscles enough time to recover.

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