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What dishes perfect for a healthy diet

The contents

  • Healthy food and kitchenware: what options can I use?
  • Health and the best types of cookware
  • Recipes of different dishes

    • Roast in a ceramic pot
    • Casserole in a glass form
    • Frittata in a cast iron skillet
    • Soup in an enamel saucepan
    • Pancakes in a frying pan with non-stick coating

We always care about the quality of products, the amount of vitamins and minerals in food. But do not always remember that the utensils in which food is prepared must also be of high quality. For proper nutrition is very important.

Healthy food and kitchenware: what options can I use?

Proper diet involves not only eating healthy food, but also a useful method of food processing. Therefore, the choice of dishes is very important. So, what kind of dishes you can choose for cooking?

Aluminum cookware is lightweight, cheap, well heated. It is convenient and easy to cook any dish. Enamel does not deteriorate, easy to clean. However, the aluminium when combined with food may form different compounds, for example, aluminum salts. In addition, this cookware is very fragile. It can cause cracks, chips, especially if you clean your dishes with a stiff brush or abrasive powders. In this case, the dishes it is necessary to throw, otherwise the food can get heavy metal compounds. In addition, such dishes should not prepare meals that can trigger alkaline or acidic, that is, not cooking acidic vegetables, fruit compotes.

Enamelware resistant and non-toxic. It is affordable, gentle treatment that is safe, durable. However, there are also disadvantages: poor quality of the enamels used in cooking can be heavy metals. The quality of the enamel is difficult to determine, therefore it is necessary to make such dishes very carefully. It is not necessary to wash it with metal brush or salt, just a soft sponge. In a pot you can cook soups and stew vegetables with lots of fluids. But fry, cook rice, porridge in the enameled ware is not worth it. If the enamel is damaged, you must immediately get rid of the dish.

Cookware with non-stick coating is considered to be very comfortable. Pots and pans with this coating is easy to clean, they require oil. However, when heated, poor quality Teflon coating can release toxic substances. Therefore, it is necessary to very carefully choose and enjoy these dishes. If cracks appear, should be immediately to throw it away.

Stainless steel cookware durable and strong, resistant to oxidation, foods that are cooked in it, do not lose the vitamins and taste. In addition, if the bottom of the cookware is thick, you can cook with a small amount of water and oil. But for this dish, there are downsides. The composition of stainless steel includes Nickel, and it can sometimes cause allergic reactions. This should be remembered when buying.

Proper nutrition is healthy and tasty food that is cooked in a safe pot.

Health and the best types of cookware

Health want to choose the safest cookware. Best choice: glass, iron, ceramic. Health will not suffer, if cooking it in a pot.

Ceramic utensils is one of the safest. Of course, it is fragile, quickly absorbs oil and is not cheap. However, it is perfect for cooking any food in the oven. Besides healthy eating means the following types of processing, such as braising, cooking and baking. Cooking in the oven is a great way to keep valuable substances and refuse frying. About the only thing to remember is the choice of quality dishes. Or in such a seemingly safe glassware may contain lead which is dangerous to health.

Glassware causes the least complaints. Just glass is made of natural material (sand), and silica, which is also used is chemically resistant and does not react with other substances. Glassware is easy to clean, it is possible to cook different foods.

Cast iron cookware is traditionally used for cooking. To cook in a pot in the stove and in the oven. Products will be prepared in its own juice, which is important for proper nutrition. This cookware enriches foods with iron, which is easily digestible. It is probably the most environmentally friendly. Most importantly, it is a well preserved after washing, wipe it dry.

Because health depends on the vessels in which food is prepared, should pay special attention to its choice.

Recipes of different dishes

Here are some recipes of dishes cooked in different dishes. All the recipes are simple and food is healthy and tasty.

Roast in a ceramic pot

Cut small pieces of meat, put in pot, add salt. Sprinkle onion rings, slices of carrot, cut into strips prunes, salt. Then add cut into slices potatoes, pumpkin and raisins, salt, add a few blossoms of cauliflower. In a pot add some water and tomato paste. Cook for about an hour.

Casserole in a glass form

Boil 500 grams of broccoli, put the florets in shape. Mix five eggs, 300 g of sour cream, a couple tablespoons of butter, salt, 200 g grated cheese and nutmeg. Pour a lot of broccoli and cook in oven for twenty minutes.

Frittata in a cast iron skillet

In a pan pour a some butter, add chopped potatoes (three pieces), two garlic cloves, half of the chopped onions, salt and pepper. Cook until soft on low heat, then remove vegetables to a plate. Put in pan with two cups of chopped broccoli inflorescences, cook seven minutes. Then add chopped tomato, fry quickly. Return to the pan the cooked vegetables. Beat six eggs, salt, pepper and pour mixture into the pan, sprinkle with grated cheese. Cook under cover on low heat

Soup in an enamel saucepan

Pour the chicken with water, add an onion, a piece of celery and allspice. Boil twenty minutes, add the sliced potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli, sweet pepper. Cook fifteen minutes, add tomato, garlic, salt and pepper. Ten minutes later the soup is ready.

Pancakes in a frying pan with non-stick coating

Beat the egg, Cup of yogurt, a spoonful of sugar, a little salt and soda, Cup of flour. Bake pancakes. Serve with berries and low-fat sour cream. A quick and easy recipe.

If you care about your health and shape, choose the right dishes and healthy recipes.

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