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What foods interfere with weight loss?
The contents

  • The relationship of diet and nutrition
  • Foods that prevent to lose weight
  • The value of proper nutrition on human health

Successful weight loss depends on physical activity by 30%, and 70% of proper diet. The most important thing for weight loss is changing my diet. Many people who want to lose weight, do not fully realize the importance of eating right or not find the strength to refuse harmful or useless products. However, if a person is at a significant reduction in weight, it is necessary to restrict or even to eliminate certain foods from the diet.

The relationship of diet and nutrition

Causes of weight gain can be very different — physical inactivity, endocrine diseases, heredity. But most effective weight loss prevents unbalanced diet. If a person overeats for a long time, abusing of sweet or fatty foods, while the consumed energy is not consumed, the appearance of extra pounds is inevitable.

Once a person is aware of the need quick weight loss, he begins to try different diets. First slow weight loss has unpleasantly surprised. At some point the body starts to store fat because a too abrupt change of diet for him is stress. The same result is obtained by a sharp transition to starvation.

If the diet does not lead to the expected result, the risk of failure, i.e., returns to a familiar and not always useful food. In this case, for effective weight loss requires much more time, because the excess weight returns and to reduce it that much harder.

To the weight loss process more effective, not just popular diet, but a gradual change in diet in the direction of greater balance. You should not completely abandon the proteins, fats and carbohydrates. But certain foods still should be avoided.

Foods that prevent to lose weight

There are foods, consumption of which does not bring any benefit, but, on the contrary, much harm. Usually it’s pastry, semi-finished products, canned food, smoked food, pickles and marinades. This also applies to the production of fast food.

If a person asks a serious goal to lose weight, it is necessary to restrict or exclude the following foods:

  • sugar. Today, the average Russian citizen consumes 100-150 grams of sugar a day, a resident of the US — 190 grams. Refined sugar is of no use to the human body and contributes to weight gain;
  • nourishing broth. Many people love cold soups, but few think about the characteristics of the meat from which it is prepared. Often for the preparation of meat broth is too fatty meat. Its use contributes to increase of “bad” cholesterol in the blood and makes weight loss ineffective;
  • chips, salted nuts, crackers. These popular snacks are not the body any good. In addition to the salt, which retains liquid, they contain lots of harmful dyes and preservatives;
  • fat and fatty meat. These products have a high calorie content and contribute to a very rapid weight gain. They should therefore be excluded from daily diet;
  • sausages, frankfurters and wieners. These products contain a large amount of calories, salt and unhealthy fats also promote weight gain;
  • flour products. Bread, pies, cakes are known for their negative impact on the human body. Their use brings the body uses and promotes the appearance of extra pounds that are hard to get rid of;
  • canned and smoked products. These products contain large amounts of salt and chemicals that not only contribute to weight gain, but also have a negative impact on the gastrointestinal tract;
  • mayonnaise. Salads, dressed with mayonnaise, so beloved in Russia that could significantly increase the weight after the holidays. For salads it is better to use natural meat, fish and vegetables, and season with lemon juice or olive oil.

Thus, if you eliminate foods that are known to contribute to weight gain, it is possible to make the body more slim and healthy.

The value of proper nutrition on human health

Proper nutrition has a serious impact on human health and every system of his body. It depends on the condition of the skin, hair, nails and overall health. Eating healthy foods slows down the ageing process.

Contrary to popular belief, proper nutrition is not a synonym for something bland and tasteless. First of all, it is a balanced diet that includes essential nutrients — proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Proteins are often called the “building blocks” for the body. Without the infusion of protein, there is no normal muscle function, physical activity and human performance. The protein contained in fish, meat, milk, cheese, chicken eggs.

Without fats proper operation of all body systems is also possible. Fats are necessary for absorption of vitamins, provide thermal insulation of the body and strengthen the immune system. To build the right diet you should give up bad fats found in fatty meat or sausages and replace them with useful, actively eating fish, nuts and olive oil.

Carbohydrates are a source of energy and essential for proper metabolism. The greatest benefit is brought to the body complex carbohydrates contained in cereals or whole wheat bread. The danger of carbohydrates is their high caloric content, because thanks to it they tend to be deposited as fat. To prevent this from happening, you must abandon the use of simple — bakery products, sugar and sweets and go to complex.

The proper human diet is varied, since it contains exactly those products that are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. It is meat, fish, dairy products, vegetables and fruits. The more natural the product, the more value they bring to health.


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