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What kind of bread can cause health problems
The contents

  • Bread and water — heroic food
  • What kind of bread will benefit and which
    • White bread
    • Bread from flour of a low grade
    • Yeast bread
    • Stale bread
    • Bread with additives to improve the appearance and taste

Since ancient times, bread is a staple food. Every family, he, like thousands of years ago, “the head of the table”. If the facts about the dangers of bread is justified, or is it just another hyped myth? Understands MedAboutMe.

Bread and water — heroic food

Throughout the history of mankind bread is a staple food. Archaeological excavations show that more than 12 thousand years ago, primitive people already experimented with grain and water, mixing them and baking the product in the sun.

Today, bread is often demonized as a source of fast carbs, which causes people to gain weight and causing serious health problems. Consumers believe that the industrial production of bread using too much preservatives, additives and all sorts of salt, which, in principle, healthy food becomes a powerful poison. And some nutritionists believe that in order to become slimmer and healthier, you need to give up pastry, and bread — the first item in the long list of restrictions.

However, different breads have different properties. And instead of actually to avoid bread, you need to know exactly what it’s cooked and what impact it has on the body.

Did you know?

According to experts of United States Food Administration, bread is considered a useful product, capable of enriching the human body with carbohydrates, vitamins E and b group, amino acids, fiber, iron, magnesium, selenium and beta-carotene. Moreover, she not only “diet” bread, but white flour.

What kind of bread will benefit and which

In the production of bread manufacturer uses different varieties of flour. Approximately 70% of all cakes in the Russian Federation accounts for wheat flour, but you can also buy products made from rye, buckwheat, corn, rice, oats, flax, and other options.

Thanks to the supporters of a healthy lifestyle, today in the trend of the whole grain bread. It is prepared on the basis of whole wheat grains, while white bread is produced from the Central part of the grain, i.e. endosperm. Does this mean that one kind of bread is more useful than another? Not everything is so simple!

All types of bread — an excellent source of carbohydrate “fuel” for the body. But whole-wheat products carbohydrates are digested more slowly, whereby the longer a person feels full and “charged” with energy.

Wheat grain, usually contain fiber and many nutrients. In the process of making white flour most of them lost, so this bread is inferior in nutritional value whole wheat.

Bread, factory produced, in addition to flour, salt, water and yeast, may contain additional ingredients — sugar, fat (vegetable and animal), preservatives, various additives. Baking the product at home, all the “extra” can be omitted. What to do if you have to buy bread at the store? What products can bring the body harm?

White bread

This product is low in fiber and nutrients, but a lot of gluten. In terms of calories it is a leader among the other samples of bread. Nutritionists often blame him in the development of obesity, but it is not so much about its nutritional value, so much of the excess in the diet.

Doctors do not recommend to use white bread for the night, and to combine it with the potato is “hard” tandem for the stomach. Just abandon the white bread you need to people suffering from celiac disease or those who can’t stand lute. It is estimated such people on the Earth not more than 5%.

White bread can do a great service to the people engaged in heavy physical labor, and athletes — it’s filling, high-calorie, quickly absorbed.

Bread from flour of a low grade

Quality bread is easy to recognize: he has a beautiful Golden crust, pleasant flavor and it long lasting freshness. Products from a flour of a low grade is the total opposite of him. But the most dangerous bread from the flour obtained from coarse grains (i.e., feed that is fed to livestock).

Since the product of feed wheat in its pure form look presentable, the manufacturer enters into their composition “improvers”: for example, a small amount of wheat of the 4th class, decolorizing additives, dry gluten, etc.

At check in received product get a little protein, and its nutritional value is negligible. Besides, this bread contributes to the incitement of appetite: the person eats a lot, but not saturated.

Yeast bread

Today there is much debate about how human health is sourdough bread. Science knows about 1500 thousand species of fungi (yeast), but cooking only one is used is Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Some experts believe that the yeast does not die at high temperatures, and develop their activities in the product. Once in the human body, they cause pain and flatulence. However, studies that would confirm this fact, does not exist yet.

But it is known that Baker’s yeast die at temperatures above 60°C, while in the center of the product during baking, it reaches 97°C and above. This position is dangerous for health only insufficiently baked bread, it really is better to eat not to eat.


How to check, not “overdone” or the manufacturer’s amount of baking powder in the product? Arrange the bread test! At compression it needs to lose about a third of the volume (not half!), then quickly return to its original shape.

Stale bread

Some doctors advise their patients to eat stale bread — it’s easier to digest and better absorbed. However, always keep in mind that this bread cannot be stored for a long time. It can develop mold that poses a serious risk to human health. Moreover, storing items in the refrigerator, it will not save — instead, the process will go even faster.

Besides the fact that mold can cause allergies and severe poisoning, in the long term its use is fraught with reduced immunity and an increased risk of developing cancer.

Bread with additives to improve the appearance and taste

In 2016, the year President of the Russian Grain Union Arkady Zlochevsky in an interview, said the price of bread in Russia at least 4-5 times lower than it is in Europe and the United States. It gives it just the cost of bread, which is produced in Egypt. And then only because that’s where it is subsidized by the state.

To reduce the cost of bread production, many manufacturers use unwholesome additives. If you look at the composition of regular bread, you can count 10-20 “extra” ingredients. That is emulsifiers and stabilizers, which make the bread of air, the flavors, providing the product a pleasant aroma, as well as various preservatives — propionic and sorbic acids, sodium diacetate, sorbates, sulfur dioxide, and calcium phosphates.

The use of such bread may lead to development of allergies lead to bloating and other digestive problems.


Before you buy bread, you should carefully examine the packaging. Useful product contains nothing superfluous and has a pleasant aroma, long shelf life and pleasing to good taste.

Julianna Pliskin, life coach, expert on healthy lifestyle and nutrition, psychologist, TV presenter

If you make grocery a rating of the harmfulness of bakery products, the top spot is bread. It has a high glycemic index, that is, it is available carbs are very quickly processed into glucose. They are fast to load up, but the satiety lasts very long. In addition, the pre-processing grain to make flour out of it lost all the vitamins. However, in some diseases, such as gastritis, dried white bread will be the salvation.

So, is to refuse bread?

No, but it is better to eat it useful varieties — whole wheat, bran or rye flour, and to control the portion size and calorie content.

The main advantage of whole grain bread — high fiber content, which enhances the natural intestinal flora and helps to control hunger. Bread from whole wheat flour is rich in vitamins and minerals, concentrated in the shell of the grain, which is stored in the process of making flour.

Bran — cereal shell and a seed embryo, contains a huge amount of essential vitamins, macro – and micronutrients. By eating of bran bread strengthens the heart muscle, and the amount of vitamin b 9 prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques.

Rye bread contains a lot of amino acids, so in moderate doses it is useful for diabetics and people suffering from obesity or anemia.

When choosing bread, look at the composition and shelf life. The composition must be a minimum of ingredients, sugar and dangerous E-components. The expiration date should be as short as possible — no more than 3-5 days.

Storing bread in the freezer, then thaw and reheat in the toaster.

By the way, this procedure lowers the glycemic index, which makes the bread more healthy and stable blood sugar levels.

Review expertAlexander Zoirova, cosmetologist, psychologist, certified coach

“Bread is a head”, said our parents. But is it currently? Let’s deal!

Now there is a huge selection of baked goods — classic sliced baguettes, bread with bran, cereals, seeds and spices from herbs and vegetables (onions, peppers, coriander). Not so long ago on the shelves began to appear bread — thin slices of bread dried in the ovens. Everyone will find the bread to your taste. One has only to understand what is really tasty and most importantly — useful.

If the taste preferences of the individual and the advice is misplaced, recommendations, how to choose a useful product, worth remembering.

In order to realize a useful product or not, you should first look at the composition and production time. If you see a long list of chemicals, this bread will keep its taste qualities and do not deteriorate. But is unlikely to buy this bread, so as not to pollute the body with harmful chemical components.

Optimally, if in the list of ingredients — flour, water, milk, eggs, yeast, bran and seeds.

Please note that the flour was wholemeal — this will not only get all the necessary minerals and carbohydrates, but also help the intestines “clean”, to improve peristalsis.

Useful in the composition of bread and seeds. Tend to use sunflower, pumpkin, hazelnut, sesame and poppy seeds. These seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals, contain essential for moisturizing the skin fats.

So, pumpkin seeds are rich in b-vitamins (B1, B5, B12), vitamin E, and contain 73% of the daily value of vitamin PP (nicotinic acid), which is involved in the synthesis of proteins (collagen and elastin of the skin), improves blood circulation, prevents the fragility of blood vessels (especially important for those who have spider veins on the face and body), is involved in the hormonal regulation. In addition, the pumpkin seed contains 11 essential amino acids in high quantity. Recall that for normal growth and development of the body requires 20 amino acids. And the only minus — high-calorie product. This does not mean you have to abandon seeds, if you bring your body in beautiful shape, no. It is better to reduce the volume of the product and to increase physical activity.

You probably noticed that it is now part of many products began to enter the palm oil. To explain this, it is possible for the following reasons:

1. low cost in comparison with analogues,

2. allows you to improve the taste of the product,

3. increases the shelf life of the product.

We all remember how much of a fuss about this innovation. The Deputy of the state Duma Maria Kozhevnikova gave initiative to ban the use of palm oil in food products. Such a public outcry it caused for the reason that it contributes to the development of cancer, deterioration of the gastrointestinal tract slows the absorption of vitamins and minerals obtained from food. But this initiative came to nothing lead, because:

— there are 2 kinds of palm oil — food and technical, which is used in industry for lubrication of mechanisms;

— there are doubts about the injury when using edible palm oil.

However, in fairness, I note that Maria refers to the violation of transport of edible palm oil (used a dirty tank, which led to deterioration in the quality of the oil and could cause injury) and there have been documented cases of the use of technical palm oil in food production. These violations were reviewed and amended as necessary. Now even in food products for children started to use this component.

Can be dangerous food additives in the composition of bread: colorants, preservatives, antioxidants, stabilizers, emulsifiers, flavor enhancers and flavor, poziruuschie components, enzymes, sweeteners, disintegrating agents, modified starches, chemical solvents. This is a chemical elements which can cause an allergic reaction and have a negative impact on health. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that in foods, particularly in bread as much as possible of these substances. All food additives can be divided into 3 groups:

— relatively harmless — are considered safe for health (extracts of foods and plants) — curcumin, Allergy, Riboflavin, oil resin of paprika, lutein, saffron,

— relatively dangerous — may provoke the development of diseases (metabolic disorders, allergies) — titanium dioxide, Carmine, calcium sulfite, methenamine, sodium phosphate, glycerin, sodium hydroxide,

dangerous supplements — an extremely negative effect on health (cancer, metabolic disturbances). This is amaranth, Ponceau, and erythrosine, calcium benzoate, sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate, peptone, etc.

We, as consumers, we can only hope for honesty of the manufacturer and carefully choose the products.

Expert commentaryEmilia Viktorovna tsybikova, PhD in medical Sciences, the doctor of Tibetan medicine clinic in Moscow

Western nutrition often treats bread, refer it to the harmful products. Eastern medicine, on the contrary, considers it useful. But only with one condition — it must choose, based on their constitutional type.

Useful, fresh bread, and some stale. Someone from white flour, and some of the flour mixture and bran. For each person useful your bread. According to Tibetan medicine.

1. People, inclined to corpulence, balanced, calm, friendly helpful easy and tough bread. Contraindicated any bread and pastries. The best choice of brown bread with the addition of warming spices, for example, “Borodinskiy”, “Riga”. Very good also croutons of black bread.

For people of this type (Mucus) is important that the food was light and warming. Properties of flour largely depend on where was grown wheat. If it is the flour from durum grown in hot, dry regions, it has a positive effect on the body. If it is the flour from the cold, damp regions, it could significantly damage health.

So the bread should be baked only from flour of the highest grade, that is, wheat grown in the South. This can be, for example, Italian ciabatta. But if it’s white bread, it should not be baked. Just dried, stale. And it should be abandoned in favor of whole grain breads with added seeds and bran.

If you bake bread alone (bread maker), feel free to add to it the spices — turmeric, ginger, black pepper, nutmeg, and sunflower seeds, milled (powdered) flax seeds. This will make it much more useful.

2. People nervous, frisky, Moody, emotional, prone to neuroses it is better to choose fresh baked bread. Useful to them, even butter cakes. You should avoid dry, stale, tough bread flour or coarsely ground whole grain. No bran or other additions of fiber. Only fresh white bread flour, preferably warm, hot.

From the point of view of Tibetan medicine, such people belong to the constitutional type of the Wind. This is the basis of cold, light, dry nature, so this type of people benefit from everything that it balances the hot, sweet, oily, heavy.

For example, it is useful on hot, freshly baked white bread spread with melted butter. For others, it may be harmful, and for nervous people who are prone to excitement and rapid loss of strength is the best choice.

If you have a breadmaker, it is useful when kneading the dough add spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper, cardamom, etc.).

3. People are violent, militant, ambitious, strong-willed, with an average body type, not prone to weight changes, refer to the type of Bile. Important to cool food and fit any kind of bread. The only thing such people should be especially careful is the freshness of the bread.

Any mold, spoiled for them especially dangerous because they are prone to food poisoning. So the bread needs to be fresh, what will it be, sweet or bland, black or white, basically all the same.

Review expertElena Cullen, an expert in the psychology of weight loss, psychologist, consultant for nutritional support and healthy lifestyle

“Bread around the head”, “Without bread and honey can not eat” — this is what we learn from folk wisdom and our parents. When it comes to figure and losing weight flour and bread — the first of what many refuse. Is it right?

Offer find out what kind of bread do contribute to weight gain, and what will benefit.

The most common type of bread is white bread or loaf. It is made from flour. This means that the wheat is ground so that it does not remain anything useful. This product is almost immediately broken down to glucose, and in response the body produces insulin, which reduces glucose in the blood, again causing hunger. It turns out that this bread carries only calories and gives you long lasting satiety.

Then why even eat bread, and whether to abandon it? In fact, the bread needed by the body. It is a source of b vitamins, fiber, amino acids, especially lysine. All these nutrients are preserved, you should choose bread made from wheat flour, rye or whole wheat flour. To understand what is the value of bread, let us look at the structure of wheat grain.

The grain consists of a germ — a source of vitamins, minerals and protein, shell, fiber, and endosperm is food for embryo, mostly starch. Modern technology of making bread from the wrapper and destroy the germ, the result is almost one starch, so flour becomes white, although wheat brown. Therefore, the less processed the grain, the more nutrients will remain.

Now bake many kinds of bread: alive bio, branny, with various additives. To choose the most wholesome bread, pay attention to composition. Well, if the flour is whole wheat (sometimes the label is whole grain). This suggests that the flour has the germ and shell, so in this bread as much nutrients. In trubna bread saved only the shell, that is fiber, it is good for the bowel.

Thus, you do not have to give up bread, if you have decided to lose weight, but is the proper choice.

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