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What’s your percentage of fat? Best smart scales

The contents

  • What’s your percentage of fat?
  • What data can provide scale-analyzers?
  • How does it work?
  • How to weigh?
  • What scale to choose?

To measure not only weight but also fat percentage and muscles in the body, to determine the biological age and the rate of metabolism, make the schedule of trainings and to recommend the diet — all this may be a modern “smart” scales. Which model to choose — read our review!

What’s your percentage of fat?

In the spring of all women and many men suddenly realize that the New year has already come and gone, leaving the memory a few extra pounds, but summer just the same, very close. This means that hide figure flaws under several layers of clothing will not work.

To help dieters in our day comes a lot of gadgets. But the most necessary of them, of course, scales. After all, without regular monitoring to achieve effective weight loss quite difficult.

Modern scales have many useful features, therefore, are able to not only tell your weight but also give full information on the composition and quality of body.

What data can provide scale-analyzers?

1. Of course, mass.

2. BMI — body mass index.

3. The percentage of fat.

4. The percentage visceral fat.

5. Muscle mass.

6. Bone mass.

7. The amount of water.

8. The rate of metabolism

9. Biological age

Some “smart” scales there are other possibilities, others, on the contrary, some of the above is missing. In addition, most models can synchronize with your smartphone and send him all the necessary information to create graphs, analyze the process of losing weight or muscle mass.

How does it work?

The principle of operation of the weights of analyzers based on bioimpedance analysis. Built-in sensors measure the resistance of the tissue to an electric current of low intensity. Different fabrics have different current-conducting, so that the intensity of the signal scales “draw conclusions” about their composition. The less fatty tissue, the easier it transmits electrical impulses.

How to weigh?

It isn’t complicated. To obtain the most accurate measures are required to remove their clothes and stand on the platform barefoot. The scales should stand on a completely flat surface, any fluctuations will reduce the accuracy of the estimation. To measure best at the same time of day, ideally in the morning. Often, hearing about current, people think that weighing can be painful. It is not so! The electric pulse is so weak that it is impossible to feel. Despite this, use of these weights to pregnant women, small children and people with pacemakers is not recommended.

What scale to choose?

One of the most famous models, with the optimal combination of price, quality and features that Xiaomi MiBody Composition FatScale. A fairly accurate scale with the original design measured 10 parameters of the body. The device memorizes the 16 measurements and analyses progress. Has a rounded shape and grooved surface of the platform, which reduces the risk of bumping or slipping on smooth surfaces. To synchronize with a smartphone need to download app MyFit, after which the results will be automatically downloaded to the smartphone. The maximum permissible load on the platform — 150 kg.

Chips: a very thin (only 15 mm),a disguised display is only visible when in use.

Average cost: 2800 rubles.

Company name Picooc specializing in gadgets for a healthy lifestyle, derived from the word peacock. And the so-called smart scale, which in the catalog of the brand several varieties, intended for people with bright and active. Libra PicoocMini is a small format in the line items. The size of their platform 26 x 20 cm, and thickness 20 mm. Thanks to the attractive design, attractive price and feature set, almost as good as “senior” brothers, this scale is the most popular model of the brand. PicoocMini has a compatible app for smartphones based on iOS and Android. With Libra phone contact via Bluetooth. The gadget measures 12 parameters and can withstand loads up to 150 kg.

Feature: in addition to standard parameters, can measure the mass of skeletal muscles and protein content.

Average price: 2990 roubles.

Diagnostic scales Medisana BS 430 Connect the famous German brand are more expensive than the above models, but promise customers a real German quality and long service life. The scales have the function of automatic recognition of 8 people, so ideal for a large family. There is also an app for smartphones based on iOS and Android, and in addition to the standard set, even a calorie counter and nutrition recommendations. An important caveat: to create accounts, each user will have on their phone. The maximum load on the platform is 180 kg.

Chip: the company Medisana specializiruetsya it in the production of medical equipment, which certainly adds credibility to the quality and accuracy of the balance.

Average price: 6700 roubles.

Worthy of attention and Libra Swiss brand Omgups index BF-508. The fundamental difference from other models is the need to use when weighing the hands and feet. Of course, if you want to get access to all the functions. These scales not 4 gauge, as is usually the case in similar models, and 8. They are located on a floor platform and on remote hand unit. Gadget store user data and uses it, and counting the results. For greater comfort there is also a guest mode option “just weight”. The level of fat and BMI device is for clarity divided into 12 levels, from low to very high. Omron BF-508 can be used to control the parameters of the body 4 of the users weight should not exceed 150 kg.

Feature: convenient remote unit to improve measurement accuracy and ease of reading

Average price: 6100 roubles.

In the line of the Japanese brand Tanita, known for its accuracy, about 20 models. We have chosen for you Tanita BC-587 scales in cost and capabilities, although budget, this device is still not called. The model defines, perhaps, the maximum number of indicators that evaluates not only the biological age and the General condition of the body, and has separate settings for children and adolescents up to 17 years, athletes and guests of the house. The control panel is well developed and easy to use. One oddity: it is located directly on the weighing platform, although the size of the buttons is clearly “locked” under the fingers. Additional fitness?

Feature: suitable scales for very large people. Maximum user weight — 200 kg.

Average price: 6800 roubles.

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