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Where to start fitness training for weight loss?

The contents

  • Motivation for classes
  • Preparing for fitness training
  • The programme of exercises
  • The choice of exercises for weight loss
  • Additional recommendations

If you have never played sports, but was determined to start training for weight loss, you must gradually change your lifestyle. To the sport became a part of it, need to find a strong motivation to be prepared mentally for changes and hard work.

Motivation for classes

Determined to start to do fitness, you need to clearly define your key goals and those nice bonuses that you will get in the way of achieving them. It is better structured to record on paper, because in this case you can concentrate and think about this question more thoroughly, to find many advantages in training, all this fix and, if necessary, refer to your notes again. During the consideration and fixing of the thoughts on paper, the brain works in a special way — this time it involved different areas and included all types of memory.

Among the benefits of regular fitness workouts it is possible to note the following:

  • increase endurance and strength;
  • reduced fatigue when performing household Affairs;
  • the development of self-discipline and the establishment of the regime of the day;
  • the improvement in appearance;
  • able to wear any clothes;
  • increased flexibility;
  • the extension of youth;
  • getting rid of certain diseases and prevention of their occurrence;
  • the increase of self-confidence;
  • attracting the attention of others.

For each this list is its based on the needs and set goals. When planning, it is also important to specify each item, avoiding platitudes.

Preparing for fitness training

By and large the speed of acquisition of the habit of fitness is not as important as how tightly it will be included in your lifestyle. Perfect to make your training is not dependent on external circumstances, then their change will disappear, and the habit to do. It is important to choose the type of exercise you engaged with the pleasure and the load commensurate with your abilities. Otherwise, workouts are too tiring and burdening, and sooner or later they will depart on the second plan.

Enter the training process slowly and gradually, otherwise there is a risk to overload the body and for all to discourage fitness. It is recommended that on the first week of classes each morning to do a small charge, which from now on should become part of your routine. Then spend two training sessions per week with a maximum of half an hour, after gradually increase the duration of each up to one hour. Then gradually you can go for a three-day training, relying on their own capabilities and health. Types of loads can be alternated depending on your goals, for example, one day to go swimming, and the two leave on strength exercises.

Starting from your goals, make a plan for fitness workouts to morning exercises and fundamental training. You can use ready-made exercises from the Internet with video tutorials, or create your own programme tailored to your problem areas. Good to combine self-training with swimming, dancing, aerobics.

The programme of exercises

When developing a fitness program for independent trainings it is important to distribute the load on all muscle groups of the body for its harmonious development. For the study of each muscle, you should use a few exercises for both basic and isolation. At the very beginning of the gym to do a good workout muscles and joints.

Recommendations for the compilation of the program:

  • To work out the chest muscles and arms, you should use exercises with weights, different kinds of push-UPS, watching the right back position.
  • Squats and lunges good effect on the thighs and buttocks, it is generally recommended to perform them without weights.
  • To pump the press and the sides do direct, inverse and oblique twists.
  • Training back muscles to do pullups, different types of rods.
  • Be sure to include in your training plan deadlift, plank and burpee, which load all the muscle groups of the body at once.
  • The choice of exercises for weight loss

    Any form of exercise will somehow strengthen your body, make it more fit and slender. However, some fitness-direction helps with weight loss more than others. They also differ in the intensity of performed movements, the degree of health effects and musculoskeletal system in particular.

    If your goal is weight loss, the best way to get rid of extra pounds will help your running, Cycling, walking, dancing and aerobics. If you want to make muscles more strong and powerful, you can do in the gym, Pilates and tai-Bo. To improve flexibility will help yoga, stretching and body Flex. Ate there are problems with joints and spine, it is necessary to engage in swimming, aerobics and Pilates.

    Additional recommendations

    Entering the training process to build a beautiful body, it is important to understand that effective weight loss depends not only on regular exercise. The benefits of training will be significantly higher if you combine it with the observance of such rules:

    • Set yourself a routine and constantly stick to it.

    This concept includes four meals at approximately the same time training schedule and a full night’s sleep at least 8 hours a day.

    • Eat right.

    Without the proper diet all efforts at weight loss are futile. Initially, the fitness training can yield results, but their termination is burned extra pounds to come back again. Eating healthy foods in necessary for the body amount it is possible not only to achieve harmony of the body, but also to increase energy levels, improve skin condition, strengthen health and prolong their youth.

    • Observe the drinking regime.

    From receipt of an adequate amount of fluid in the body depends on the efficiency of its organs and systems, metabolic processes and fat-burning, energy level and ability to work.

    The main positive effect for fitness is a General improvement in the quality of life that is evident in the beautiful appearance and in good health.

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