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Women’s fitness: workout with dumbbells for weight loss
The contents

  • The purpose of training with dumbbells
  • Fitness for weight loss with dumbbells
  • Fitness at home — tightens and strengthens muscles
  • Fitness with dumbbells for fans of martial arts
  • Care dumbbells

Fitness at home can be arranged very simply, if you buy the most basic sports equipment, for example, dumbbells. They can be used to effectively adjust the figure in problem areas, strengthen muscles and ligaments improve General physical and emotional state. This article describes how to choose the right dumbbells for women fitness depending on the goals that are pursued during class.

The purpose of training with dumbbells

Few women will turn to dumbbells to increase your muscle mass and make muscle relief. Basically, women set themselves very different tasks:

  • to lose weight;
  • to tighten and strengthen the muscles;
  • to strengthen ligaments and joints;
  • to supply shock (for fans of martial arts and wish to learn self-defense techniques);
  • for other purposes (morning exercises, the implementation of General developmental exercises, improve vitality).

Below we review what weight dumbbells can be used for solving various tasks set by the woman in front of him.

Fitness for weight loss with dumbbells

If you decide to do at the gym for weight loss, then dumbbells for the job. To solve this purpose, do not need large weight. Will be enough to buy a 2-pound dumbbells and the weight to work not less than 3 times a week. For example, in a day.

Dumbbell weights are made whole. It is desirable that they were rubber. The color of the product so depending on your preferences and mood.

Before you start training, included pleasant music and do a warm-up consisting of light Jogging in place, walking, swings, dips, lunges, exercises for flexibility. Thus the body is prepared for the upcoming load. Then go to the main complex of exercises. Women who have chosen fitness for weight loss, you can consult a lesson plan:

  • attacks;
  • squats;
  • twisting the press;
  • classic twisting;
  • work on the biceps (flexion of hands);
  • breeding hand in hand;
  • alternate work of hands in front of him.

All exercises are done with dumbbells. Diversified workout possible, if you buy step-platform. The result will be clearly visible after a couple of months after the start of the training. Even if you do not follow the diet, it can be noted that this home fitness improves well-being and elevates mood. And this is a lot.

Combine the above exercises can be whatever you like. Do 3-4 sets of each doing 10-15 reps. You can arrange for yourself to circuit training, when all the exercises come one after the other without rest. After the completion of the circle is the pause of 2-5 minutes and the circle repeats itself.

If you have just decided to try training with dumbbells, at the first stage can even not to buy them. You can use a simple water bottle instead of a stepper to take a low, stable stool.

Fitness at home — tightens and strengthens muscles

Your goal is not to lose weight, but to tighten and strengthen sagging muscles? Then start to actively engage in fitness at home. But in this case the weight of the wheel weights should be between 12 lbs. And necessarily dumbbell should be collapsible, since we have to work with different weights. Of course, ideally it would be nice to have a set of sports equipment of different weights, so as not to waste time regulate their weight. But if you have a pair of dumbbells with detachable pancakes, that is enough. But if you only plan to buy weights, then choose the bound rubber models. They are not pounding on the floor during class, have aesthetic appearance and do not rust, which is also important.

Fitness training, which aims to give your muscles tone, will consist of the following exercises:

  • bench from a standing position;
  • attacks;
  • breeding hands through the sides from a standing position;
  • breeding hand in hand with the inclination of a trunk forward;
  • thrust in the slope;
  • bench press;
  • the plie squat.

Recall that all exercises are performed with dumbbells in hands. Pay attention to the plie squat. To do this exercise, you need to take with two hands a dumbbell for one side, put feet wider than shoulders and do a squat until you touch the lower part of the dumbbell of the floor. Then you have to straighten up and repeat the exercise the intended number of times.

All the exercises given complex do 3-4 approach for 10 reps. To begin to practice it with a small weight, about 2-3 lbs. once you feel that training is given to you easily, can add 0.5 kg for each dumbbell. And remember: doing exercise on legs, choose a heavier dumbbell on hands — easy.

Fitness with dumbbells for fans of martial arts

Today martial arts are very popular, including among girls who want to learn self-defense techniques. And dumbbells in this first officer. They can be used perfectly to deliver the blow.

Fitness with dumbbells in hands is called “shadow Boxing”. This workout is not easy. So select the weights of the small weight, not exceeding 1 kg. If your exercise equipment has a special handle is very good. They will not give dumbbells accidentally fall out of his hands.

The training will be rather simple. Stick boxer and simulate strikes against the enemy. Even if you don’t know how to box, this exercise is strengthen your hands and make the blow very strong.

Care dumbbells

Fitness with dumbbell belongs to strength training and is diverse. It allows you to work all muscle groups, strengthen joints and ligaments, to increase muscle mass. But we should not forget about planning her lessons, which should be regular.

Many people think that dumbbells do not need care and maintenance. This is not so. To dumbbell regularly served more than one year, you need after every workout to wipe them dry. If the dumbbell is portable and is not rubberized, it is necessary to periodically lubricate the threads of the pancakes and neck. It is not to throw dumbbells on the floor, even if they are iron. Such actions can strip the threads on the sports projectile, and damage your floor.

Thus, fitness classes using dumbbells solve many problems. Training with weights is always interesting and is much more effective than without them. Especially useful are the dumbbells for those who want to use fitness slimming and figure correction. Here more accessible way than training with weights had not yet been invented.

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